What is National Instruments PCI6025E


The 6025 E is high performance multifunction analog, digital and timing I/O board for PCI bus computer. Supported functions include analog input, analog output, digital I/O and timing I/O.  

The 6025 features 16 channel (8 differential) of analog input, two channel of analog output, eight digital I/O lines plus 24 through a hosted on OKI MSM82C55A Integrated Circuit and two general purpose 24-bit timers/counters. All timing system are performed through the National System DAQ-STC system timing. This IC consist of three timing groups that control analog input, analog output, serial I/O and general purpose counter/timer functions


What do you need


Of course a NIPCI 6025 E

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A Y shaped Ribbon Cable

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...and two 50-pin connectors

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