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demo2 is the rule to compile the application with a RR scheduler
README.TXT This file
DEMO.H Some constants used into the demo
ECP.C, ERN.C, RRP.C, RRN.C Various initfiles
INITFIL1.C The CBS initfile
INITFIL2.C The EDF initfile
INITFILE.C A makefile that cover either EDF+CBS and RR
BALL.C The Jumping balls part of the demo
27,6 → 27,7
DEMO.C The main() function and some other utility function
JETCTRL.C The JET part of the demo
The demo works as follows:
- It works at 640x480 16 bit colors
- on the left, there is the jumping ball arena, on the rigth there is the
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task misses also if it has not consumed his bandwidth). Note that it happens
also if the EDF task consume just a few microseconds... Real time does not
means "fast" :-)