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Update (2003/12/19):
Just some more notes...
I usually show the four demos in the following order:
(first of all, tune the demo depending on how fast your notebook is; see demo.h)
ECP - EDF with CBS and PI... the white EDF ball still work also in overload; CBS balls just slow down but they still get their guaranteed bandwidth
RRP - Round Robin with Priority inheritance ... the EDF ball is at the same level of the others, all slow down...
RRN - 2 levels of Round Robin, without Priority inheritance ... when
there is overload, the white ball works ok, but the other have an impredicible
behavior (they execute many instances in one RR period)
ERN - EDF, RR, no priority inheritance - the white ball misses his deadline
just when there is an overload (all the other balls are queued on the same
semaphore, so the blocking time increase, and when there is overload the EDF
task misses also if it has not consumed his bandwidth). Note that it happens
also if the EDF task consume just a few microseconds... Real time does not
means "fast" :-)