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int sd, rc, n, cliLen;
struct sockaddr_in cliAddr, servAddr;
char msg[MAX_MSG];
char ch;
struct tracer_udp_header *pkt_head = (struct tracer_udp_header *)(msg);
72,7 → 71,7
output_file = fopen(argv[1],"w+b");
if (output_file == NULL) {
printf("%s: Cannot open the file\n");
printf("%s: Cannot open the file\n",argv[0]);
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# util_linux -> compiles the tracer utilities under Linux
ifndef BASE
.PHONY: util_dos util_linux clean
@echo Targets: util_dos util_linux clean
@echo Note: udpdump is available only under linux
util_linux: udpdump
udpdump: udpdump.c
gcc -Wimplicit-function-declaration -Wall -ggdb\
-I$(BASE)/include/trace -I$(BASE)/oslib udpdump.c -o udpdump
rm -rf *.o udpdump
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Here a short description of the contents
utils - some small utilities that can read tracer files
utils - some small utilities:
udpdump - save on a file the logged events sent through network
udp - a small application that sends its trace data through the network