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EDFACT Scheduling Module
by Paolo Gai 2001

Pisa, 6, Jun 2001

This Module implements a EDF scheduler.

It is very similar to the EDF Module distributed with the kernel sources,
except that:
- It does not support hard sporadic tasks
- It does not raise a deadline exception
- It does not raise a wcet violation exception
- Instead of raising an exception, the module simply COUNTS deadline misses
  and wcet exaustions..

Since a large part of the applications use only periodic tasks, this Module
can be a great improvement because the application will not hang up at
the first exception!!! (and this happens frequently when switching to a
slower PC :-( )

I also wrote a simple test to show how the module works...

To use the Module in your applications, simply copy the edfact.c and edfact.h
into your application directory, and register edfact instead of the
tradictional edf...

For bugs, questions and comments please write to