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 1. Test bitstream
    Small example bitstream (128x128 pixel dimensions) which employs all 
    picture_structure (top field, bottom field, frame), picture_coding_type 
    (I, P, and B), macroblock_type (forwards/backwards/interpolated, 
    intra/non-intra, coded/not-coded, quant/no quant, etc.), and 
    motion_type (field, frame, 16X8, dual prime) modes.

 2. add trace printing for mpeg1 getblk routines.

 3. modify getsys.c to parse program layer bitstreams (Systems)
    with variable-length packets.

 4. 24 bit X11 display
    (borrow from Berkeley or find way for our code to use their interface)

 5. MPEG-2 Transport layer systems streams parsing 

 6. Document IPR issue 

   provide CableLabs URL
   how IPR relates to our disclaimer.

 7. TIFF library support (YCbCr 4:4:4, 4:2:2, and 4:2:0 pictures)
10.  IDCT rounding
  As per IDCT corridgendum (Savatier, MPEG 95/XXX)
  [done, but verified ?]

12. green dots in can
  [ appears to be a display issue, probably related to convmat[] 
    error ]

19. move Dual_Prime calculation into picture_data()

20. motion vector calculation to include tappable stages to test
    whether elements fall within [low:high] range.

21. Integrate verifier routines 

22. Inter-layer verification routines
    - check base and enhancement layers (e.g. SNR)

23. Spatial verification
   - considering that no base layer is available.

24. SNR verification
   [ done ]

25. DP verification
   [ not done.  No longer any bitstreams with Data Partitioning distributed
     since DP is not part of any official Profile ]

26. merge all global bitsteam element variables into 
    common data structure (similar to layer_data).  This is needed
    for the verifier (whether or not headers in SNR and DP streams
    are identical where needed to that of the base layer).

27. investigate why MS-DOS wants an extra % sign for filename patterns
     when more than one filename pattern is used in the command line argument

28. convert -t (trace) flag into levels, merge with Verbose.

29. seek to a specified frame number (support for MCI-like functions)

30. document the "flash" VLC table decoding method in detail. 
    (namely how to map tables in Annex B to those in getvlc.h)

31. MPEG-2 program stream compatibility
   (a few minor bits of difference in the system header ).