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This directory contains a set of simple examples, useful to understand
How to make a Shark application.

Text mode demos:
- hello.c   --> a hello world application
- timer.c   --> tests if the time reads are always increasing 
                (useful for debugging purposes)
- sig.c     --> simple example that sends signals
- semdemo.c --> simple example that uses a semaphore for mutual exclusion
- pidemo.c  --> simple example that uses PI  mutexes between NRT and Hard tasks
- pcdemo.c  --> simple example that uses PC  mutexes between NRT and Hard tasks
- srpdemo.c --> simple example that uses SRP mutexes between NRT and Hard tasks
- mdemo.c   --> simple example that uses a mutex, initialized with whatever
                protocol you want ;-)
- aster.c   --> Wow! the original Hartik ASTER demo!!! (EDF, CABs, ...)
- aster1.c  --> a -lot- of periodic tasks that are created and then die 
                (6 seconds demo)
- aster2.c  --> a simple stress test: a lot of tasks are created until Utot=1;
                uses jet functions to dump statistics. (60 seconds demo)
- aster3.c  --> aster2 + 8 tasks handled by 2 different TBS servers
- aster4.c  --> aster3 + CBS tasks + Shutdown demo with system tasks
- aster5.c  --> aster3 + only CBS tasks + mutexes... Really interesting!
- aster6.c  --> aster5 + Polling Server to serve the JetCtrl task
- aster7.c  --> another aster clone with Rate monotonic and Polling server
- aster8.c  --> aster5 + Sporadic Server
- preempt.c --> simple test for CBS, task_preempt, task_nopreempt, and 
                save/skip arrivals
- pcidemo.c --> PCI Bus scan
- talk.c    --> UDP Unix Talk clone (useful to understand the network driver)
- mousfind.c--> Simple text mouse protocol finder
- jointest.c--> Simple test that uses the task_join primitive
- condtest.c--> Simple test that uses condition variables
- intsem.c  --> Simple test that uses internal semaphores
- keycode.c --> Prints Keyboard Keycodes on the screen
- memtest.c --> Do you need to use malloc, kern_alloc & co?

Graphical demos:
- fly.c     --> Random flies going around the screen
- fly2.c    --> fly.c + the fly can die after a while and be recreated
- ego.c     --> Periodic tasks that writes a phrease on the screen
- cabs.c    --> Example that uses cabs
- sched.c   --> Scheduling example (mouse, EDF, RM, DS, PS, TBS)

Note on the init files:
- ihello.c   (RR+dummy)
- isemdemo.c (iaster1+Semaphores)
- iaster1.c  (EDF+RR+dummy)
- iaster3.c  (EDF+RR+TBS(0.1)+TBS(0.3)+dummy)
- iaster4.c  (iaster3+CBS)
- initfile.c (EDF+CBS+RR+dummy, SEMaphores, CABS, HARTPORTs and Keyboard)
- isched.c   (Configurable scheduling architecture)