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This is the S.Ha.R.K. porting of the MPEG2 decoder from the
MPEG Software Simulation Group.


The original source code is available on the web at

The demo uses the  FAT16 filesystem and the graphics card.
I just added these files:
- gvideo.c  Video initialization and output
- jetctrl.c Idle time visualization
- makefile  S.Ha.R.K. Makefile for the demo
- store.c   interface between the original decoder and S.Ha.R.K.

The original makefile and store.c files has also been renamed to store.ori.


The demo simply intercets the Write_Frame function and puts the decoded 
frame into a buffer. The task created in gvideo is a periodic CBS task
that reads a picture from the buffer and simply displays it.


This is the original readme file:

January 9, 1995:
Pre-release caveats:

  - has only been tested with gcc.  (I'm not sure we will even bother
    with acc, or cc in the future).

  - I'm fully aware of the warnings received by -Wall 

  - Verifier still not integrated (due to complexity), although 
    experimental vbv_delay code included in verify.c

December 20, 1995
Frame buffer substitution edition of decoder.

 - temporal_reference in bitstream must be correct.

 - substitute pictures must have pixel (luminance samples) width 
   and height equal to coded_picture_width (mb_width*16) and 
   coded_picture_height (mb_height*16) rather than horizontal_size
   and vertical_size, respectively.

 - all input pictures must be interleaved into a frame.

 - frame count (index) is based on absolute display frame order with
   no repeated (3:2 pulldown) fields or frames. 


 - command line arguements in this edition differ from verifier
   style.  This decoder's arguments are the same as the 
   public distribution's (July 4, 1994) code .

   please note that this code, with frame buffer substitution, when it 
   is released will use the verifier style of arguments.

 - Carsten's updated spatial scalability decoder routines have been