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1999-05-17  fftw  <>

        * NEWS: Noted codelet generator speed.

        * gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/ Improved
        real{even|odd}2 transforms

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed typo.

        * gensrc/ Improved simplifier for DCT-type transforms.

        * TODO: Noted that the transpose routines for MPI could use

        * gensrc/ Fixed comment.

        * gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/ Fixed
        modified DCT/DST generation (realeven2/realodd2) so that it works
        now.  The simplifier really sucks for this, at the moment.  Why?

1999-05-16  fftw  <>

        * gensrc/ Fixed real[even,odd]2 codelet node type

        * gensrc/, gensrc/variable.mli, gensrc/,
        gensrc/ Added generators realeven2 and realodd2 for the
        modified DCT and DST (i.e. transforms for real data that are
        even/odd about n=-1/2, not n=0).

        * gensrc/ Memoized eval for speed reasons.

        * gensrc/, gensrc/ Implemented better

        * gensrc/ Improved complexity of network transposition
        from O(n^2)=O(slow) to O(n) [times O(polylog)]

        * TODO: Noted that the generator can now output efficient
        hard-coded DCT/DST routines of small sizes.

        * gensrc/variable.mli, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/complex.mli, gensrc/ Added
        realeven and realodd codelet generation options.  (They work.)

1999-05-10  fftw  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Noted how to force compiler choice via CC
        env. variable.  Also added "compiler" index entry.

1999-05-07  fftw  <>

        * TODO, NEWS: Updated TODO.

        * README: Fixed Cilk URL.

        * NEWS: Noted GNU-style long options in the test programs.

1999-05-06  fftw  <>

        * tests/test_main.c: --help option no longer causes an exit with
        an error code.

        * tests/test_main.c,, fftw/ Test programs
        now use GNU-ly correct long options if getopt_long is available.

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn, NEWS: MPICH bug fix is apparently not
        specific to Linux (it also fixed the same problem on some

        * fftw.spec: Updated for 2.1.2.

        * mpi/fftw_mpi_test.c: --only-parallel argument hack should also
        only be accessed by process 0.

1999-05-05  fftw  <>

        * NEWS: Noted addition of omitted fftw_f77_threads_init function.

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Bug fix (dates need to have two digits for
        the day).

        * threads/rfftw_threads_test.c, threads/fftw_threads_test.c,
        tests/test_main.c, tests/test_main.h, tests/rfftw_test.c,
        tests/fftw_test.c, mpi/rfftw_mpi_test.c, mpi/test_transpose_mpi.c,
        FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn, mpi/fftw_mpi_test.c, NEWS, Fixed
        bug when running test programs under MPICH; prepared for 2.1.2

1999-04-18  stevenj  <>

        * fftw.spec: Made package relocatable.

        * fftw.spec: Created spec file for generating RPM packages of

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Revised linker FAQ entry.

1999-04-12  fftw  <>

        * tests/test_main.c: Added joke.

1999-04-10  fftw  <>

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Added linker FAQ entry.

1999-04-07  stevenj  <>

        * threads/fftw_f77_threads.c: Added missing fftw_f77_threads_init
        function (thanks to V. Sundararajan for pointing out the

1999-04-06  stevenj  <>

        * Check for hcc in addition to mpicc (hcc is used by
        the LAM MPI implementation).

1999-03-31  stevenj  <>

        * NEWS, doc/fftw.texi, ChangeLog: Fixed credit for 2.1.1 bug fix
        (real credit goes to Ming-Chang Liu, according to Jeff
        Briedenbach, whose name was misspelled anyway).

1999-03-30  stevenj  <>

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Moderated language.

        * NEWS: This isn't LaTeX, Matteo; an en dash in a monospaced font
        is rendered the same as a hyphen (i.e. "-" not "--").

1999-03-29  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * ChangeLog: Updated

        * NEWS: Minor change.

1999-03-28  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * tests/rfftw_test.c, tests/fftw_test.c:
        Implemented paranoid check for real->complex and complex->real

1999-03-28  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * NEWS:
        Moderated language.  I do not want to claim that the bug occurs in
        `rare' circumstances.  A bug is a bug, period.

        * tests/fftw_test.c, rfftw/rplanner.c:
        Implemented paranoid check for in-place complex planners.
        I still don't know how to check real->complex plans,
        though (apart from rewriting test_ergun for real->complex
        and complex->real)

1999-03-26  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi, FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn, NEWS:
        Updated documentation for FFTW 2.1.1.

        Updated version number for 2.1.1 (as well as shared lib. version).

        * threads/, mpi/ Fixed typo in comment.

        * threads/fftw_threads_test.c, threads/rfftw_threads_test.c,
        mpi/rfftw_mpi_test.c, mpi/fftw_mpi_test.c:
        Added definition of enter_paranoid_mode() to threads & MPI test

        * fftw/planner.c:
        Slight modification for future safety (not necessary now).

1999-03-25  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * tests/test_main.c, tests/test_main.h, tests/rfftw_test.c,
        tests/fftw_test.c, fftw/planner.c:
        Added hooks for paranoid verification of every single plan.

1999-03-23  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * fftw/generic.c:
        Array read out of bounds---fixed.  Thanks to Ming-Chang Liu.

1999-03-09  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn:
        Noted free-ness in "What is FFTW?" description.

1999-03-08  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * threads/fftw_threads.c:
        By default, don't even try to specify PTHREAD_SCOPE_SYSTEM, since
        it causes problems on @!#%$ IRIX 6.5 (in which
        PTHREAD_SCOPE_SYSTEM is not supported, but pthread_attr_setscope
        doesn't return an error!!!).  Just use the default attributes
        (fftw_pthread_attributes_p == NULL).

        * threads/fftw_threads.c: Fixed typo in comment.

        * NEWS: Added 2.1 news.

1999-03-08  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * tests/rfftw_test.c, tests/fftw_test.c:
        Fixed pow(8192, x) --> pow(8192.0, x) .  This failed on
        Digital unix, I don't know why.

1999-03-08  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * ChangeLog: Updated

        * Updated version number

1999-03-07  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: a_slow_array --> a_bad_array

        * doc/fftw.texi:
        Removed all reference to performance from "Dynamic Arrays--The
        Wrong Way" section.

        * doc/fftw.texi:
        Clarified output parameter of Fortran multi-dimensional in-place

        * NEWS, doc/fftw.texi:
        Thanks to Erik Scheirer ( for testing the Mach C
        threads code.

1999-03-06  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * mpi/fftw_mpi_test.c: Added undocumented --only-parallel flag.

        * threads/rfftw_f77_threads.c, threads/fftw_f77_threads.c,
        threads/, doc/fftw.texi, NEWS:
        Added Fortran-callable wrappers for the multi-threaded routines.

1999-02-25  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * threads/fftw_threads.c, threads/fftw_threads-int.h:
        Made pthreads code more tolerant if user doesn't call

        * tests/rfftw_test.c, tests/fftw_test.c, mpi/rfftw_mpi_test.c,
        Reduced array sizes somewhat for planner tests.

1999-02-24  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added user thank-you to acknowledgements.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Clarified output format of 1d MPI transforms.

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Small change.

1999-02-24  fftw  <>

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Changed wording regarding VC++5.0.

        * doc/texi2html: Fixed bug in index generation

1999-02-24  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: moved configure to fpindex, and added more entries.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added more padding index entries.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Objective Caml -> Caml in the index.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added @cindex floating-point precision

        * doc/fftw.texi: Updated index.

        * doc/fftw.texi:
        typo fix: rfftwnd_threads_*_one -> rfftwnd_threads_one_*

        * doc/fftw.texi:
        Print table of contents at the end, as directed by the texinfo
        manual, so that pagination is not screwed up when the TOC has an
        odd number of pages.

1999-02-23  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed typo.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Indentation fix.

1999-02-22  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * ChangeLog: Updated

1999-02-22  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Noted workaround for buggy SGI compilers.

        * ChangeLog:
        Line-wrapped (I wish you would remember to do this, Matteo).

        * gensrc/, mpi/, threads/,
        Got rid of hackery in header creation, since circular dependencies are
        gone.  Also added prefixed headers to CLEANFILES so they get deleted
        by 'make clean'.

        Used xyz for prefix1 instead of just x, to make future conflicts less

1999-02-22  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * Fix for irix didn't work, let's try this

        * ChangeLog: Fixed typo

        * ChangeLog: Updated

        * Accounted for irix thread lossage

        * tests/test_main.c:
        usage() must normally exit, otherwise the test programs tries to
        read argv[] out of bounds.

        * doc/ used compressed fonts

        * gensrc/, gensrc/
        rfftw.h didn't go into distribution.  Fixed

        * threads/, gensrc/, mpi/,, gensrc/ 
        Removed circular dependencies

        * Fixed typo

1999-02-22  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * tests/test_main.c:
        Added some new jokes.  Also, print out floating-point precision
        for -v.

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Noted workaround for buggy SGI compilers.

        * ChangeLog:
        Line-wrapped (I wish you would remember to do this, Matteo).

        * gensrc/, mpi/, threads/, gensrc/
        Got rid of hackery in header creation, since circular dependencies are
        gone.  Also added prefixed headers to CLEANFILES so they get deleted
        by 'make clean'.

        Used xyz for prefix1 instead of just x, to make future conflicts less

1999-02-22  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * Fix for irix didn't work, let's try this

        * ChangeLog: Fixed typo

        * ChangeLog: Updated

        * Accounted for irix thread lossage

        * tests/test_main.c:
        usage() must normally exit, otherwise the test programs tries to
        read argv[] out of bounds.

        * doc/ used compressed fonts

        * gensrc/, gensrc/
        rfftw.h didn't go into distribution.  Fixed

        * threads/, gensrc/, mpi/,, gensrc/
        Removed circular dependencies

        * Fixed typo

1999-02-21  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * NEWS: Feature set for 2.1 is now frozen (I think).

        * doc/fftw.texi: slight change

        * mpi/, threads/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/ Whoops!  Don't include
        XXX_FFTW_PREFIX_XXX header files in CLEANFILES, because that will
        cause 'make clean' to delete irreplaceable files when no prefix is
        being used.

        * mpi/, threads/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/ Fixed installed headers to use
        FFTW_PREFIX for their own header inclusions.

        *, doc/fftw.texi, NEWS: Documented

        * mpi/, tests/, threads/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/, acinclude.m4, Use FFTW_PREFIX for all installed files.

        * Use g77 in preference to fort77.

1999-02-21  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * tests/ Fixed forgotted XXX_FFTW_NAME_XXX

        * Allowed user specification of [r]fftw-name

1999-02-21  fftw  <>

        * tests/,, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, acinclude.m4: (Preliminary) hack: allow
        user to change name of fftw library.

        * Incremented shared library version number.

        * Added rfftw_mpi.h to list of files to install for

1999-02-20  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: The ascii and info (but not html) versions of
        the FAQ were chopping off the answer to the last question.  Rather
        than fix the bug, I just added a trailing comment like in the
        Linux FAQ, which seems to correct the problem.

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Minor fixes and updates for 2.1.

        * mpi/rfftw_mpi_test.c, mpi/fftw_mpi.h, mpi/fftw_mpi_test.c,
        mpi/fftw_mpi.c: Share plans between forward and backward fftw_mpi
        plans (and between other fftw_mpi plans of the same size).

        * tests/rfftw_test.c, tests/fftw_test.c: In -p test with rank > 1,
        reduce the size of the arrays for the plan.

        * mpi/transpose_mpi.c: Got rid of compiler warning (code was okay,

        * doc/fftw.texi: small fix.

1999-02-20  fftw  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Minor tweaks

1999-02-20  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/, doc/rfftwnd.gif: fig2dev gif output stinks;
        "manually" add better version of gif figure.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added link.

        * doc/ Make sure to distribute rfftwnd.fig.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Some post-reorganization grooming.

        * Whoops!  Use $enableval, not $withval, in

1999-02-19  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * doc/, doc/fftw.texi: Added picture to postscript

1999-02-19  fftw  <>

        * Added fort77 to list of fortran compiler (linux
        f2c comes with a program with this name)

        * doc/rfftwnd.gif, doc/rfftwnd.fig, doc/
        Reverse-engineered rfftwnd picture from postscirpt to fig, so I
        can edit it and produce smaller postscript. (Linux rules!)

        * doc/fftw.texi: Restructured manual

1999-02-19  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * fftw/, threads/fftw_threads-int.h,,
        doc/fftw.texi, NEWS: Added untested support for Mach C threads.
        Also changed three --with options to --enable.

1999-02-19  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * threads/rfftw_threads_test.c, threads/rfftwnd_threads.c,
        threads/rexec2_threads.c, threads/rexec_threads.c,
        threads/rfftw_threads.h, threads/fftw_threads_test.c,
        threads/fftwnd_threads.c, threads/fftw_threads.c,
        threads/fftw_threads.h, threads/executor_threads.c,
        threads/fftw_threads-int.h, tests/test_main.c, tests/fftw_test.c,
        tests/rfftw_test.c, rfftw/rgeneric.c, rfftw/rplanner.c,
        rfftw/rfftwf77.c, rfftw/rfftwnd.c, rfftw/rexec2.c, rfftw/rfftw.h,
        mpi/transpose_mpi.c, rfftw/rexec.c, mpi/sched.h, mpi/test_sched.c,
        mpi/test_transpose_mpi.c, mpi/rfftw_mpi_test.c, mpi/rfftwnd_mpi.c,
        mpi/sched.c, mpi/fftwnd_mpi.c, mpi/rfftw_mpi.h, mpi/fftw_mpi.c,
        mpi/fftw_mpi.h, mpi/fftw_mpi_test.c, mpi/TOMS_transpose.h,
        matlab/fftw.c, mpi/TOMS_transpose.c, gensrc/,
        gensrc/variable.mli, gensrc/util.mli, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/to_c.mli, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/schedule.mli,
        gensrc/number.mli, gensrc/rconfig_prelude, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/exprdag.mli, gensrc/, gensrc/expr.mli,
        gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/dag.mli,
        gensrc/, gensrc/complex.mli, gensrc/asched.mli,
        gensrc/, gensrc/, fftw/wisdomio.c,
        fortran/f77_test.F, fftw/twiddle.c, fftw/wisdom.c, fftw/rader.c,
        fftw/timer.c, fftw/planner.c, fftw/putils.c, fftw/generic.c,
        fftw/malloc.c, fftw/fftwf77.c, fftw/fftwnd.c, fftw/fftw-int.h,
        fftw/, fftw/executor.c, fftw/f77_func.h,
        fftw/, cilk/time_cilk.cilk, doc/fftw.texi,
        cilk/fftwnd_cilk.cilk, cilk/test_cilk.cilk,
        cilk/executor_cilk.cilk, cilk/fftw_cilk.cilkh, COPYRIGHT,
        ChangeLog: Fixed copyright year

1999-02-19  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Minor changes.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Various updates.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Acknowledged Steven's long-suffering advisor.  =)

        * doc/fftw.texi: Noted that 1d complex MPI transforms are

        * NEWS: Noted rfftwnd illustration.

        * README: Moved threads, mpi, and fortran descriptions to be under
        "official" header.

        * TODO: Removed parallel rfftw from TODO (it's done).

        * doc/rfftwnd.gif, doc/fftw.texi, doc/ Added rfftwnd
        illustration to the manual (HTML version only).

1999-02-18  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: rfftwnd_mpi documentation bug fix.

1999-02-16  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Noted library requirements of 1D MPI.

        * mpi/fftw_mpi.h, mpi/fftw_mpi.c, doc/fftw.texi: Added scrambled
        input/output options (flags) for 1d mpi transforms.

        * cilk/Makefile: Don't complain if Makefile.common doesn't exist.

        * mpi/fftw_mpi_test.c: Fixed printf.

        * mpi/ Made sure headers are included in make dist.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Documented 1D MPI transforms in manual.

        * mpi/fftw_mpi.c, mpi/fftw_mpi.h, mpi/fftw_mpi_test.c,
        mpi/, NEWS: Added MPI 1D FFT for those crazy guys at

        * NEWS, doc/fftw.texi: Documented real MPI transforms.

        * mpi/rfftw_mpi_test.c: Small fix.

1999-02-15  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * mpi/rfftw_mpi_test.c, mpi/rfftwnd_mpi.c, mpi/fftw_mpi_test.c,
        mpi/rfftw_mpi.h,, mpi/ Added rfftw MPI

        * mpi/transpose_mpi.h: this header file is now part of fftw_mpi.h

        * doc/fftw.texi: fixed quote marks.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed typo.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed parallel ref. in intro.

        * doc/fftw.texi: fixed typo

        * doc/fftw.texi: Noted stupid Fortran identifier length

        * doc/fftw.texi: hyphenation fix

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed cross-reference.

        * doc/fftw.texi: small fix

        * doc/fftw.texi: Clarifications in the MPI section.

        * doc/fftw.texi: bug fix.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed @uref tags.

        * NEWS: Noted MPI updates.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added documentation reference to MPI FFTW in
        parallel overview.

        * mpi/README, doc/fftw.texi: Folded MPI documentation into main

        * mpi/transpose_mpi.c: bug fix: when a process didn't have any
        local data, we weren't able to distinguish between in-place and
        out-of-place transposes, and were also incorrectly thinking that
        all block sizes were equal.

1999-02-14  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * tests/test_main.h, tests/test_main.c, mpi/test_fftwnd_mpi.c,
        mpi/time_fftwnd_mpi.c, mpi/fftw_mpi_test.c,,
        mpi/ Use standard fftw test program template for MPI

        * fftw/malloc.c: Whoops!

        * fftw/malloc.c: fixed omission from last checkin.

        * Fixed typo and updated version number to 2.1.

        * mpi/transpose_mpi.c, mpi/time_fftwnd_mpi.c,
        mpi/test_transpose_mpi.c, mpi/test_fftwnd_mpi.c, mpi/fftwnd_mpi.c,
        mpi/fftw_mpi.h: Added option of doing out-of-place transpose, so
        that we can take advantage of MPI_Alltoall primitive if the user
        provides enough space.

        * threads/fftw_threads.c: Don't require system to support
        PTHREAD_SCOPE_SYSTEM (although we prefer this over

        * gensrc/, gensrc/ Include f77
        wrapper files in sources.

        * mpi/transpose_mpi.c, mpi/test_transpose_mpi.c,
        mpi/time_fftwnd_mpi.c, mpi/fftwnd_mpi.h, mpi/sched.c,
        mpi/test_fftwnd_mpi.c, mpi/fftw_mpi.h, mpi/fftwnd_mpi.c,
        mpi/, mpi/TOMS_transpose.c, mpi/TOMS_transpose.h,
        mpi/Makefile,, Integrated mpi stuff into

        * threads/ Fixed typo in comment.

1999-02-13  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * mpi/transpose_mpi.c, mpi/transpose_mpi.h,
        mpi/test_transpose_mpi.c, mpi/time_fftwnd_mpi.c, mpi/sched.h,
        mpi/test_fftwnd_mpi.c, mpi/test_sched.c, mpi/fftwnd_mpi.h,
        mpi/sched.c, mpi/TOMS_transpose.c, mpi/TOMS_transpose.h,
        mpi/fftwnd_mpi.c, mpi/Makefile: Updated MPI routines.  The new
        implementation is almost completely rewritten from before, and
        should (hopefully) be easier to manage and (maybe) faster in some

        * Check for pthread_create outside of -lpthread,
        since some systems may have threads built into the standard C

        * fftw/malloc.c: Allow allocation/freeing of 0-size blocks/NULL
        pointers (since that is ANSI-okay, after all).

        * cilk/executor_cilk.cilk: Use ntwiddle instead of r-1 in case
        twiddle policy changes.

        * mpi/time_fftwnd_mpi.c: Whoops!  don't pass uninitialized out
        parameter (shouldn't be a problem in any case since transform is
        in-place, but better safe than sorry).

1999-02-11  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Noted necessity of linking threads-using code
        with -lpthread or whatever.

        * rfftw/rfftwf77.c, fortran/rfftw_f77.c, fortran/fortranize.h,
        fortran/fftw_f77.c, fortran/fftw_f77.i, fortran/README,
        fortran/f77_test.F, fftw/f77_func.h, fftw/fftwf77.c,
        fftw/,, doc/fftw.texi, NEWS, acinclude.m4:
        Fortran wrapper functions are now automatically included in the
        main FFTW libraries, unless the --without-fortran option is passed
        to configure.  They are also documented in the main manual.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed broken cross-reference.

1999-02-10  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Small fixes to multi-threaded FFTW section.

        * threads/README, doc/fftw.texi, NEWS: Documented threads routines
        in the main FFTW manual.

        * threads/fftw_threads.c: Make sure spawn_loop handles nthreads ==

        * threads/fftw_threads-int.h, threads/rfftwnd_threads.c,
        threads/executor_threads.c: Set things up so that we could pass
        workspace to fftw_many_inplace_threads.

        * threads/fftw_threads.c: Improved load-balancing of threads
        slightly, although in practice it doesn't seem to make much

        * threads/rfftwnd_threads.c, threads/rexec_threads.c,
        threads/rfftw_threads.h, threads/rfftw_threads_test.c: For greater
        consistency, make sure "threads" suffix always directly follows
        rfftw or rfftwnd.

        * threads/rfftwnd_threads.c, threads/rexec2_threads.c,
        threads/rexec_threads.c, threads/rfftw_threads.h,
        threads/fftw_threads-int.h, threads/fftw_threads.c,
        threads/fftwnd_threads.c, threads/executor_threads.c: Cleaned up
        loop-parallelizing interface considerably.

        * threads/rfftwnd_threads.c, threads/rfftw_threads.h,
        threads/rfftw_threads_test.c, threads/rexec2_threads.c,
        threads/rexec_threads.c, threads/executor_threads.c,
        threads/fftw_threads-int.h, threads/fftw_threads.h,,
        threads/, NEWS: Added first stab at parallel (threads)

        * rfftw/rfftwnd.c, rfftw/rexec.c: Slight stride/dist fix (to make
        behavior in in-place transforms more in line with what the manual

1999-02-05  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * tests/test_main.c: Noted -x and -f options in -h help.

        * threads/executor_threads.c: Yikes!  Use ntwiddle instead of r-1
        in twiddle_thread.  (This would have been a problem if we ever
        changed the twiddle policy.)

        * threads/fftwnd_threads.c, threads/executor_threads.c,
        threads/fftw_threads-int.h, fftw/ Use autoconf to
        determine if alloca is available and use malloc/free if it is not.

        * threads/fftw_threads_test.c: Call fftw_threads_init when
        starting up.

        * threads/time_threads.c, threads/fftwnd_threads.c,
        threads/test_threads.c, threads/fftw_threads.h,
        threads/fftw_threads_test.c, threads/executor_threads.c,
        threads/fftw_threads-int.h, threads/fftw_threads.c,
        threads/, threads/README, tests/test_main.c,
        tests/test_main.h, tests/rfftw_test.c,,
        tests/fftw_test.c: Made the threads test program follow the model
        of the uniprocessor test programs.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Documented --with-threads configure option.

        * threads/time_threads.c, threads/, threads/README,
        threads/fftw_threads.h, threads/test_threads.c, threads/Makefile,, fftw/,, NEWS: Autoconfiscated
        threads stuff.

1999-02-01  fftw  <>

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Added entry about VC++ 5.0

1999-01-29  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * NEWS: Noted improvements to <n> argument for test programs.

        * tests/fftw_test.c: Removed unnecessary testing of both real and
        imaginary impulses--this is unnecessary since we check linearity
        under multiplication by complex scalars.

        * tests/test_main.c: (Whoops!)  Turn interactive mode back off
        when getopt is available.

        * tests/test_main.c: Added support for new <n> format to
        interactive mode.

1999-01-29  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * tests/test_main.c, tests/test_main.h, tests/rfftw_test.c,
        tests/fftw_test.c, tests/, tests/README, ChangeLog:
        Allow specification of dimensions in ND test program.

1998-12-11  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * fftw/malloc.c: Use typedefs consistently for fftw_*_hook.

1998-12-09  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * gensrc/ Changed to avoid warning from ocaml-2.01

1998-11-17  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Updated Cilk URL.

1998-11-11  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * tests/test_main.c: Print FFTW version on -v.

        * tests/ Removed explicit -lm -- it is added
        automatically by configure when it is available.

1998-10-19  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * tests/test_main.c: Replaced 2x2 linear system with fib() in
        timer iteration.  The linear system was converging to 0 in
        floating point, and it caused underflow problems.

1998-10-07  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * Fixed usage of ` in echo.

1998-10-06  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * Got rid of message about enabling the x86 cycle
        counter--why are we loudly suggesting a deprecated option?
        Interested users can read the manual.

1998-10-01  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * gensrc/ Changed <athfft.h> -> "athfft.h"

1998-09-29  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn, README: Don't mention the current version
        number, so that we don't have to keep updating these files with
        each new version.

        * README.hacks: Postponed computation of the phase of the moon
        until FFTW 17.0.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Explained "out of place" in tutorial.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added a couple of clarifications to the
        installation on non-Unix section.

        * NEWS: Fixed typo.

1998-09-28  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * tests/test_main.c: Deleted some unused variables.

1998-09-28  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * fftw/wisdom.c, fftw/, fftw/executor.c,, Moved version number to and tweaked
        make dist to change config.h with the right version number.

1998-09-27  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn, NEWS: Noted bug fixes for large rfftwnd
        transforms in 2.0.1.

        * tests/rfftw_test.c: Fixed bug in -s for large multi-dimensional

        * tests/test_main.c: Added -b flag for testing really large

        * fftw/fftwnd.c: Initialize nwork to zero (not really necessary,
        but it doesn't hurt to make sure things are initialized).

        * rfftw/rfftwnd.c: Fixed another parenthesization problem which
        caused overflow problems with rank > 2 transforms.

1998-09-26  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * rfftw/rfftwnd.c: Yeow!  Integer precision overflow occurs for
        final dim. >= 2^16 due to inauspicious parenthesization.  Fixed.

1998-09-25  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * NEWS: Some small changes to 2.0.1 release notes.

1998-09-25  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, NEWS,, ChangeLog: Changed
        version numbers for 2.0.1 release.

        * tests/fftw_test.c: Added FFTW_OUT_OF_PLACE to flags just in case
        we forget it again in the header file.

        * gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/ Added a
        couple of hacks useful for athenafft

1998-09-24  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * gensrc/, gensrc/ Added experimental `athena'

1998-09-23  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed another typo.

1998-09-23  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * fftw/, doc/fftw.texi: Added definition of
        FFTW_OUT_OF_PLACE and fixed typo.

1998-09-23  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Noted how to compile in single precision in
        installation for non-unix section.

1998-09-18  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * fftw/fftwnd.c: Modified buffered transforms to use a skew
        (padding) between buffers, and also to do contigous writes instead
        of reads when copying result from buffers back to array.  Thanks
        to Geert van Kempen for the tips.

        * fftw/ Added Andrew Sterian's patch to allow FFTW to be
        used as a shared library more easily on Win32.

1998-09-17  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * tests/test_main.c, tests/test_main.h, tests/rfftw_test.c,
        tests/fftw_test.c: Added -e flag to use FFTW_ESTIMATE in speed
1998-09-16  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * rfftw/rplanner.c, fftw/planner.c: Do not use twiddle(1)
        codelets, even if somebody (like me :-)) includes them
        accidentally in [r]config.c.

1998-09-15  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed typo 0 <= i instead of 0 < i

1998-09-15  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added hyphen.

1998-09-15  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/ Better
        hashing scheme for variables.  Removed caching of float value of
        Numbers since it makes little difference with the new hashing

1998-09-15  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * gensrc/, gensrc/ Made oracle smarter (as it
        was in 2.0)

1998-09-14  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * gensrc/variable.mli, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/Makefile.genfft, gensrc/ Many, many speed

1998-09-14  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * gensrc/Makefile.genfft, gensrc/ Added timestamp to info

        * gensrc/, gensrc/util.mli, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/Makefile.genfft: Added
        informative messages

        * gensrc/variable.mli, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/exprdag.mli,
        gensrc/, gensrc/expr.mli, gensrc/complex.mli,
        gensrc/, gensrc/ Added LittleSimplifier to do
        a first quick simplification pass.  This speeds up the algebraic
        simplifier a lot.

1998-09-14  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed library ordering for -lrfftw.

1998-09-13  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * gensrc/number.mli, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/exprdag.mli, gensrc/complex.mli, gensrc/,
        gensrc/ Improved speed of generator

1998-09-11  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * acinclude.m4: Dec's compiler does not like -malign-double.

1998-09-11  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * acinclude.m4: Make sure ACX_PROG_CC_EGCS is called.

1998-09-11  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * Added COPYRIGHT to distribution

        * tests/ Added missing dependency

        * threads/Makefile, cilk/Makefile,, ChangeLog,
        acinclude.m4: Disabled egcs scheduler.

1998-09-10  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * acinclude.m4: Added ppc/linux flags.

1998-09-10  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * Added to distributed files

        * ChangeLog: Formatted The Right Way

        * gensrc/to_c.mli, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/exprdag.mli, gensrc/Makefile.sources,
        gensrc/codelet_prelude, gensrc/Makefile.genfft: Tweaked generator
        to print fused mult/add count and more revision infos

1998-09-09  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * threads/README, threads/fftw_threads.h, threads/Makefile,
        doc/fftw.texi: Noted that Win32 threads code has been reported as

1998-09-09  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * threads/executor_threads.c, cilk/executor_cilk.cilk,
        gensrc/ Fixed parallel transform after X_codelet ->
        fftw_X_codelet conversion

1998-09-08  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * ChangeLog: Line-wrapped.

1998-09-08  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/Makefile.sources,
        gensrc/, ChangeLog: More experiments with generation of
        twiddle factors (disabled by default)

1998-09-08  fftw  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added reference to ocaml 2.00

1998-09-07  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * gensrc/Makefile.sources: Disabled fused madd flags for now

        * gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/Makefile.sources,
        gensrc/ Added option to expand all FMA's explicitly,
        even at the cost of increasing the operation count.

        * gensrc/, gensrc/number.mli, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/Makefile.sources, gensrc/
        Implemented fused-multiply-add rules

1998-09-07  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * fftw/malloc.c: Got rid of COMMA hack.

1998-09-07  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * rfftw/rgeneric.c, rfftw/rplanner.c, rfftw/rexec2.c,
        rfftw/rfftwnd.c, rfftw/, rfftw/rexec.c,
        gensrc/, fftw/putils.c, gensrc/,
        fftw/planner.c, fftw/fftw-int.h, fftw/, fftw/,
        fftw/executor.c: Alpha-converted X_codelet => fftw_X_codelet to
        avoid namespace pollution.  Replaced ``for (i = 0; i < m; ++i)''
        with ``for (i = m; i > 0; --i)'' in twiddle codelets.

1998-09-05  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * Removed redundant inclusion of acinclude.m4.

        * acinclude.m4, Moved max. optimization checking
        into acinclude.m4.

        * ChangeLog: Line-wrapped.

        * gensrc/codelet_prelude, gensrc/,
        gensrc/ Changed from perfect to past tense in
        notices about being automatically generated.

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Slight change.

        * fftw/putils.c, fftw/ added fftw_sizeof_fftw_real().

1998-09-03  Steven G. Johnson  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed bug in documentation of how factors of 11
        and 13 may be efficiently handled.

1998-09-02  fftw  <>

        * Respect existing CFLAGS in the environment if any

1998-09-02  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * cilk/Makefile,, acinclude.m4: Added -cpu=pentium et
        al. for latest egcs

1998-09-02  fftw  <>

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Added FAQ antry about the darned ucbcc

1998-09-01  fftw  <>

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Mentioned that matlab computes normalized

        * fortran/f77_test.F: Used 'implicit none' to be sure to catch
        Fortran compilers that don't call cpp.

1998-08-31  fftw  <>

        * ChangeLog: Updated changelog

        * gensrc/, gensrc/ Added
        `automatically generated' notice

        * rfftw/rplanner.c, rfftw/rgeneric.c, rfftw/rfftwnd.c,
        rfftw/rexec2.c, rfftw/rexec.c, gensrc/rconfig_prelude,
        gensrc/config_prelude, Tried to be more tolerant of
        systems with nonworking ``const''.

1998-08-30  fftw  <>

        * gensrc/, gensrc/ Switched
        version number of shared library to 2.0.0.

1998-08-28  fftw  <>

        * fftw/fftwnd.c: Removed redundant include.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Recommend using GNU make.

        * cilk/Makefile: use rm -f for make clean.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Various small changes.

        * Fixed bug: CVS dir was not removed from

        * threads/Makefile, tests/, mpi/Makefile,
        gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/Makefile, cilk/Makefile, Minor fixes for

        * Polished `make dist'.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed missing word.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Changed @detailmenu label.  There must be some
        bug in emacs, I believe.

        * doc/equation-4.gif: Grabbed equation-4.gif again

        * fftw/fftwnd.c: Yikes!  Bug fix.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Minor fixes.

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Rewrote answer to "What is FFTW?" question.

        * doc/fftw.texi: More fixes.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed messed-up equation.

1998-08-27  fftw  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Slight changes.

        * doc/fftw.texi: "What RFFTWND Really Computes" was missing a
        complex conjugate in the description of Hermitian symmetry.

        * threads/Makefile: Link libraries in the correct order.

        * Renamed 2.0 to 2.0-beta1 for the release

        * doc/fftw.texi, doc/equation-4.gif, doc/ Added html
        definition of rfftwnd.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed a few typos.

        * fftw/putils.c: Fixed improper reference to planner.c (which
        causes the whole complex package to be loaded for real transforms)

        * ChangeLog: Line-wrapped.

        * README.hacks, TODO, README, INSTALL: Updated README and similar
        files for 2.0.

        * threads/executor_threads.c: Align stack on Linux/x86 with gcc.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Noted that complex-to-real transforms overwrite
        their input arrays.

        * gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/ ->, for

        * gensrc/ rfftwint.h is gone.

        * doc/fftw.texi: More stylistic changes

        * doc/fftw.texi: Stylistic changes

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added What RFFTWND Really Computes section.

        * rfftw/rplanner.c, rfftw/rgeneric.c, rfftw/rfftwnd.c,
        rfftw/rfftwint.h, rfftw/rexec2.c, rfftw/rexec.c, fftw/executor.c:
        Inlined i386 hacks.  This is almost completely portable because of
        the new alloca() trick.  Code is much cleaner now.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Described rfftwnd complex format, and discussed
        meaning of stride/dist for in-place transforms.

1998-08-26  fftw  <>

        * fftw/rader.c, fftw/planner.c, cilk/test_cilk.cilk,
        cilk/executor_cilk.cilk, cilk/Makefile, ChangeLog: Upgraded Cilk
        version to 2.0

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed a couple of typos

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added most of rfftwnd reference.

        * NEWS: Noted FFTW_THREADSAFE and corresponding new section of the

        * doc/fftw.texi: More changes in the introduction of the
        halfcomplex format.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Made it clear that halfcomplex applies to
        one-dimensional rfftw only.

        * doc/texi2html: There is no <MATH> tag in HTML 4.0.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed html versions of halfcomplex dfn.

        * doc/texi2html, doc/fftw.texi: Added a few missing html formulas

        * doc/fftw.texi: Some minor changes.  Removed mention of
        "halfcomplex" in reference to rfftwnd outputs, since we define
        that word in terms of the rfftw output format.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added What RFFTW Really Computes section

        * doc/fftw.texi, doc/ Added index

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added description of halfcomplex storage.

        * tests/README: Noted rfftw_test, and pointed user to manual for
        compilation instructions.

1998-08-25  fftw  <>

        * NEWS: Noted version 2.0.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Slight change.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Wrote non-Unix installation section and made a
        few other minor changes.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed references to "What FFTWND Really

        * rfftw/rexec.c, fftw/fftw-int.h, fftw/executor.c,
        fftw/, I386_HACK Done Right.  The hack
        now should work across all generations of gcc/egcs, whether
        building a shared library or not.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Noted use of fast algorithm for prime sizes in
        complex transforms.  Got rid of <MATH> tag everywhere (doesn't
        seem to be well-defined in the HTML standard).

        * rfftw/rfftw.h: Changed rfftw.h to reflect the manual.

        * rfftw/rexec.c, fftw/fftw-int.h, fftw/executor.c,
        fftw/, Changed the x86 hack to work also
        with the shared library.

        * doc/texi2html: @math used to translate to italics, which looked
        ugly in HTML; now does nothing.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Several small changes.  Gave uref's readable
        titles.  Removed @inforef, which looked ugly in non-info docs.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed screwed-up master menu

        * doc/fftw.texi: Worked on installation guide

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added draft or real-complex reference.

        * doc/texi2html, doc/fftw.texi: Upgraded to latest texi2html.

        * Use -qansialias on RS/6000 (seems to cause a
        miniscule improvement).

        * doc/fftw.texi: Several small changes.

1998-08-24  fftw  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Separate wisdom is now used for real-complex.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed typo.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Noted link requirements for rfftw.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Quick Start -> Tutorial.  Updated introduction to
        reflect extra sections.

        * NEWS: Noted dropped op-count routines.

        * threads/README: Updated; noted FFTW_THREADSAFE flag.

        * threads/time_threads.c, threads/test_threads.c,
        threads/fftwnd_threads.c, threads/executor_threads.c: Updated for
        FFTW 2.0.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Slight changes to introduction.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Removed reference to operation counts from

        * rfftw/rplanner.c, rfftw/rfftwnd.c, rfftw/rfftw.h,
        gensrc/, fftw/rader.c, fftw/putils.c, fftw/fftwnd.c,
        fftw/, fftw/fftw-int.h: Removed op counts, until we find
        a decent way to incorporate them back.

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Added entry for broken linuxthreads.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Updated introduction

        * doc/fftw.texi: Written draft of reference section.

1998-08-23  fftw  <>

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: My middle initial is "G," not "J."

1998-08-22  fftw  <>

        * fftw/malloc.c: Added more paranoia to debugging malloc/free.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Changed some wording in threads section and noted
        that wisdom import/forget is not threadsafe.

        * gensrc/ More cosmetic changes

        * gensrc/, gensrc/complex.mli, gensrc/ Cosmetic

        * doc/fftw.texi: Started re-adding installation section.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Noted that plan destruction is not safe either.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Cross-reference and line-length fixes.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Updated menus and node references.  Emacs
        texinfo-mode is great!

        * doc/fftw.texi: Re-added "Words of Wisdom" and "Multi-Dimensional
        Array Formats" chapters Added chapter on parallel transforms &

        * doc/texi2html: @url{} tags are now converted into hyperlinks.

1998-08-21  fftw  <>

        * gensrc/util.mli, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/ Fixes to improve speed of generator and op count
        for n not squarefree.

1998-08-20  fftw  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Grammar fix.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Don't need to say the number of args.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Recommend that quick starts be read in order.

        * rfftw/rfftwnd.c: dist parameter for in-place transforms now
        works more closely like what you might expect.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Various fixes and modifications.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added rfftwnd quick start.

        * doc/fftw.texi: public-domain -> freely-available (FFTW, along
        with many other FFT routines, is not "public-domain").

        * doc/fftw.texi: Minor additions.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Wrote rfftw quick start.

        * fftw/twiddle.c, fftw/rader.c: Use FFTW_FORWARD instead of a
        hard-coded negative sign, in case someone ever needs to change
        this sign.

        * rfftw/rfftw.h: Recreated rfftw_plan and rfftwnd_plan types.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Some more changes to the multi-dimensional

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added quick-start for multi-dimensional

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added 1d complex quick start.

1998-08-19  fftw  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Changed reference in the introduction--an
        introductory book is a better reference for people who don't know
        anything about DFTs.  Also some minor changes.  Alluded to a
        License and Copyright section.

        * gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/exprdag.mli, gensrc/, gensrc/expr.mli,
        gensrc/ Implemented three-phase simplifier.

        * gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/ Reset
        rader_min to 13, until I understand how to simplify the code

        * gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/exprdag.mli, gensrc/,
        gensrc/Makefile.sources, gensrc/Makefile.genfft: Disabled new
        convolution hack for n >= 17, since the naive algorithm is better.
        The hack is similar to Rader's variant 4 in Tolimieri's book, and
        the growth of the operation count is also documented in that book.

        * TODO: Updated to reflect the fact that we have now rewritten

        * fortran/README: Fixed erroneous listing of rfftwnd.

        * fortran/fortranize.h, fortran/README: Various improvements.

        * NEWS: Added rfftw Fortran wrappers.

        * fortran/fortranize.h, fortran/rfftw_f77.c, fortran/fftw_f77.i,
        fortran/fftw_f77.c, fortran/README: Added rfftw wrappers.

1998-08-18  fftw  <>

        * gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/Makefile.genfft:
        Another horrible hack in the generator speeds up n=13 by a lot.

        * rfftw/rfftwint.h: Whoops!  Deleted extraneous characters.

        * rfftw/rplanner.c, rfftw/rgeneric.c, rfftw/rfftwnd.c,
        rfftw/rfftwint.h, rfftw/rfftw.h, rfftw/rexec2.c, rfftw/rexec.c,
        gensrc/ Added invoke_many routine for rfftw, and
        split hacks into separate header file (rfftwint.h).

        * gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/Makefile.sources: Implemented new way of
        doing Rader's algorithm.

        * NEWS: Noted fftw_one, etcetera.

        * ChangeLog: Line-wrapped entries.

        * tests/rfftw_test.c, rfftw/rfftwnd.c: Yikes!  Bug fix.  In the
        future, be sure to try running the test program with the -m
        option, since the rfftwnd specific planner operates signficantly
        differently under FFTW_MEASURE than under FFTW_ESTIMATE.

1998-08-17  fftw  <>

        * tests/test_main.c: Also sprach g++: the `gets' function is
        dangerous and should not be used.

        * rfftw/rfftwnd.c, fftw/rader.c, fftw/malloc.c: Made g++ happy

        * rfftw/rplanner.c, fftw/putils.c, ChangeLog: Fixed wrong
        arguments in make_node_rgeneric. (Ouch!)

        * tests/rfftw_test.c, tests/fftw_test.c, rfftw/rfftwnd.c,
        fftw/fftwnd.c, fftw/, fftw/fftw-int.h: Added
        FFTW_THREADSAFE flag, which is intended to guarantee that the plan
        be read-only, making it safe to use the same plan in parallel from
        multiple threads.  Currently, it only has an effect in the
        multi-dimensional transforms (the 1d plans are already read-only).

        * tests/, rfftw/rfftw.h, rfftw/rexec2.c, rfftw/rexec.c,
        fftw/executor.c: Optimized the aligned _many loop.  Fixed
        alignments in rexec2.c

        * rfftw/rexec.c, fftw/fftw-int.h, fftw/executor.c: Reorganized
        alignment hacks to be more robust with different compilers and
        compiler flags.

        * tests/ automake TESTS variable expects the names of
        actual executables, not simple 'make' dependencies.  Fixed by
        overriding 'make check' behavior instead of using TESTS.

        * tests/test_main.c, tests/ Added 'make check'
        feature, along with flag to test programs to limit the number of

        * tests/test_main.h, tests/test_main.c, tests/rfftw_test.c,
        tests/fftw_test.c, rfftw/rfftwnd.c, rfftw/rfftw.h, rfftw/rexec.c,
        fftw/fftwnd.c, fftw/, fftw/executor.c: Added fftw_one and
        friends, and modified the test programs to check them.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Capitalization changes, clarifications, and other
        minor changes.

        * doc/texi2html, doc/fftw.texi: Restructured manual (still

        * rfftw/rplanner.c, rfftw/rgeneric.c, rfftw/rfftw.h,
        rfftw/rexec.c, fftw/twiddle.c, fftw/timer.c, fftw/rader.c,
        fftw/putils.c, fftw/planner.c, fftw/malloc.c, fftw/generic.c,
        fftw/fftwnd.c, fftw/fftw-int.h, fftw/executor.c, fftw/
        Many cosmetic changes.  ``optimized'' rexecutor slightly.

        * fftw/rader.c: Calls fftw_executor_simple directly instead of
        calling fftw().

        * tests/test_main.h, tests/test_main.c, tests/rfftw_test.c: Fixed
        (hopefully) a problem with roundoff errors sometimes exceeding the

1998-08-16  fftw  <>

        * rfftw/rgeneric.c: ``optimized'' rgeneric codelets (kind of)

        * fftw/fftw-int.h, fftw/, Added separate
        --enable-debug-alignment flags for debugging x86 alignments (the
        --enable-debug flag also changes the compiler flags, which we
        don't want to do).

        * rfftw/rplanner.c, fftw/putils.c: Bug fix--make sure to only call
        rgeneric codelets for odd n.

        * rfftw/rexec2.c, gensrc/Makefile.sources: Fixed x86 alignments.

        * tests/test_main.c: -s now interacts with -d 1 in the same way
        that -c and -a do.

        * NEWS: Slight clarification.

        * rfftw/rplanner.c: Planner can now decide on the best place to
        use generic codelets.

        * fftw/planner.c: Planner now decides the best place to put
        generic/Rader codelets.

        * fftw/putils.c: Changed message for Rader print_plan.

        * tests/rfftw_test.c, fftw/rader.c, fftw/putils.c, fftw/
        Modified Rader to use only a single plan for forward and backward
        transforms of the convolution.

1998-08-15  fftw  <>

        * NEWS: Noted the news.

        * threads/Makefile, tests/, mpi/Makefile,
        matlab/Makefile, gensrc/config, gensrc/README, fftw/fftw-int.h,
        doc/fftw.texi, cilk/README, cilk/Makefile, FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn,, README.hacks,, INSTALL: The great
        directory renaming: src -> fftw.

        * src/twiddle.c, src/rader.c, src/putils.c, src/,
        src/fftw-int.h, src/executor.c: Added sharing of Rader data and
        twiddles between different plans (and within the same plan).

        * tests/test_main.c, src/malloc.c, src/ When debugging
        is enabled, keep track of the peak memory usage (and report it in
        the test programs).

        * src/rader.c: Rader is now prepared to share data between forward
        and backward transforms.

        * src/rader.c, src/, src/fftw-int.h, src/executor.c:
        Whoops, forgot to add rader.c to the repository.  Also got rid of
        an unused variable and include prototypes for the *_ops functions
        in fftw-int.h.

        * src/twiddle.c, src/putils.c, src/planner.c, src/,
        src/fftw-int.h, src/executor.c, gensrc/ Added Rader
        codelets to handle large prime factors.

1998-08-14  fftw  <>

        * rfftw/rgeneric.c: rgeneric seems to work!

        * rfftw/rgeneric.c: Fixed yet another bug in rgeneric.

        * rfftw/rexec.c: Fixed wrong union field.

        * src/putils.c, src/planner.c, src/, src/fftw-int.h,
        rfftw/rplanner.c, rfftw/rgeneric.c, rfftw/rexec.c,
        gensrc/ Implemented generic codelet. (inverse
        does not work yet)

        * src/putils.c, src/generic.c, src/, src/fftw-int.h,
        rfftw/rplanner.c, rfftw/rfftw.h, rfftw/rexec2.c, rfftw/rexec.c:
        Split NOTW from HC2REAL and TWIDDLE from HC2HC, to avoid horrible
        type confusion and let me modify the various codelts type

        * tests/rfftw_test.c: Fixed bug in in-place testnd.  (It's working

        * tests/test_main.h: CHECK now calls fftw_die instead of exit
        (mainly to make it easier to breakpoint).

        * src/wisdom.c, src/twiddle.c, src/timer.c, src/putils.c,
        src/planner.c, src/malloc.c, src/generic.c, src/fftwnd.c,
        src/, src/fftw-int.h, src/, src/,
        rfftw/rplanner.c, rfftw/rfftwnd.c, rfftw/rfftw.h,
        rfftw/, gensrc/ Moved code around to avoid
        unnecessary linking dependencies.

        * tests/rfftw_test.c, src/putils.c, src/planner.c, src/generic.c,
        src/fftw-int.h, src/, rfftw/rplanner.c,
        rfftw/rfftwnd.c, rfftw/rfftw.h, rfftw/rexec2.c, rfftw/rexec.c,
        rfftw/, gensrc/, gensrc/
        Splitted planner.c into two files, so that the liker does not load
        the complex codelets if only rfftw is used.  Renamed
        rfftw_plan->fftw_plan, since they are the same and we do not seem
        able to maintain consistency internally.

        * ChangeLog: Updated changelog

        * src/executor.c, rfftw/rexec2.c: Removed redundant test

        * tests/rfftw_test.c, rfftw/rfftwnd.c: Fixed more bugs in in-place
        rfftwnd (not done yet...sigh).

        * rfftw/rfftwnd.c, rfftw/rexec2.c, rfftw/rexec.c: Fixed bug in
        rfftwnd for ((n+1)/2)%4 == 0.

1998-08-13  fftw  <>

        * rfftw/rexec2.c: Removed redundant statement.

        * tests/test_main.c: test -d 1 -a now uses nd routines, consistent
        with -d 1 -c <n>.

        * src/malloc.c: Need to flush(stdout) before printing to stderr,
        or messages sometimes come in the wrong order.  Also, should pass
        EXIT_FAILURE instead of 1 to exit().

        * src/executor.c, rfftw/rexec.c: Fixed those damned alignments.

        * tests/test_main.h, tests/test_main.c, tests/rfftw_test.c,
        tests/fftw_test.c: Multi-dimensional tests are getting closer to

        * rfftw/rfftwnd.c, rfftw/rexec2.c: Bug fixes.

        * src/fftw-int.h, src/executor.c, rfftw/rexec.c, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/Makefile.sources: Added
        automatic alignment checker --- this will make life easier on the

        * src/wisdom.c: Fixed incorrect order of arguments.

        * src/wisdom.c, src/twiddle.c, src/planner.c, src/fftw-int.h,
        src/executor.c, src/, rfftw/rplanner.c,
        rfftw/rfftwnd.c, rfftw/rexec2.c, rfftw/rexec.c, rfftw/, Added extra wisdom flag.  Renamed to V2.0.

        * tests/ Registered testmain.h with automake, so that
        it gets distributed

        * Compile rfftw before tests (otherwise make fails)

        * tests/rfftw_test.c: Fixed in-place testing bug.

        * tests/rfftw_test.c: Fixed bug in test.

        * tests/rfftw_test.c: First version of rfftw_test (incomplete).

        * tests/test_main.h, tests/test_main.c, tests/fftw_test.c,
        tests/, rfftw/rfftwnd.c: Initial version of rfftw_test

        * gensrc/Makefile: 'make clean' now gets rid of files from aborted
        make install.

        * gensrc/ Added rfftwnd & friends to makefile.

        * tests/test_main.h, tests/test_main.c, tests/fftw_test.c,
        tests/ Split off main portion of fftw_test.c so that
        it can be reused for rfftw_test.

        * src/fftwnd.c, src/fftw-int.h, rfftw/rfftwnd.c, rfftw/rfftw.h,
        rfftw/rexec2.c, rfftw/rexec.c: Added preliminary rfftwnd.c,
        modifying other files as necessary.

        * gensrc/number.mli, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/expr.mli, gensrc/ Added post-optimization pass to
        simplify K1*(K2*A+K3*B), where Ki is a number

        * rfftw/rfftw.h, rfftw/rexec2.c, rfftw/rexec.c: Added rexec2 in
        preparation for rfftwnd transforms.

        * rfftw/README: Removed out-of-date rfftw/README.  We will need to
        add a couple of sections to the main manual.

1998-08-12  fftw  <>

        * src/twiddle.c, src/planner.c, src/, src/fftw-int.h,
        src/executor.c, rfftw/test_rfftw.c, rfftw/time_rfftw.c,
        rfftw/rfftw.h, rfftw/rplanner.c, rfftw/rfftw.c, rfftw/rexec.c,
        rfftw/, gensrc/rconfig_prelude, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/config,
        gensrc/config_prelude, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/Makefile, First version
        of rfftw executor and friends.

        * gensrc/config, gensrc/Makefile.sources: Updated for real

        * gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/Makefile.genfft: Removed old unused files

        * gensrc/variable.mli, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/complex.mli,
        gensrc/, gensrc/Makefile.genfft: Added hc2hc_backward

        INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: hc2hc codelets are marked FFTW_HC2HC instead
        of FFTW_HC2HC_FORWARD and FFTW_HC2HC_BACKWARD.  The direction is
        given by the dir flag.

        * gensrc/ Added some comments

        * gensrc/, gensrc/dag.mli, gensrc/ Changed
        scheduler to work properly with DIF codelets.

        * gensrc/variable.mli, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/Makefile.genfft: Removed
        old junk code.

        * gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/Makefile.genfft: Separated twiddle policies into new file.
        Added DIF twiddle code.

1998-08-11  fftw  <>

        * gensrc/variable.mli, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/ Added hc2real codelets

        * gensrc/, gensrc/ Fixed a couple of bugs in the

1998-08-10  fftw  <>

        * gensrc/variable.mli, gensrc/, gensrc/to_c.mli,
        gensrc/, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/complex.mli, gensrc/ Implemented hc2hc-forward
        pass (not tested yet)

        * gensrc/to_c.mli, gensrc/, gensrc/ renamed
        confusing function `make_unparser'

        * gensrc/variable.mli, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        gensrc/, gensrc/ genfft now generates real2hc

1998-08-08  fftw  <>

        * threads/fftwnd_threads.c, tests/fftw_test.c, src/wisdom.c,
        src/twiddle.c, src/planner.c, src/malloc.c, rfftw/rfftw.c,
        gensrc/ Reverted NULL -> (foo *) 0

        * threads/fftwnd_threads.c, tests/fftw_test.c, src/wisdom.c,
        src/twiddle.c, src/planner.c, src/malloc.c, rfftw/rfftw.c,
        gensrc/, gensrc/ (foo *) 0 -> NULL, since
        the former is technically non-portable (it assumes that a NULL
        pointer is equivalent to the cast of an integer 0).

1998-08-07  fftw  <>

        * ChangeLog: Updated changelog

        * test $CC is incorrect if CC contains a space.
        Fixed to test "$CC"

        * doc/fftw.texi: configure -> ./configure

1998-08-06  fftw  <>

        * src/wisdomio.c, src/common_io.c, gensrc/ Changed
        common_io.c -> wisdomio.c to meet 8.3 filename restriction.

1998-08-02  fftw  <>

        * src/fftw-int.h: Got rid of PASTE(x,FFTW_REAL_SUFFIX) since
        invoking macros with empty arguments (e.g. the default value of
        FFTW_REAL_SUFFIX) produces undefined behavior in ANSI C (the 1989
        ISO standard).  (The C9X standard will fix this.)

1998-07-31  fftw  <>

        * tests/fftw_test.c: main() now returns 0 instead of calling

1998-07-28  fftw  <>

        * Note default CFLAGS in configure message when
        machine is unknown.

        * doc/fftw.texi: Added more concrete example of how to save &
        restore plans using wisdom.

1998-07-03  fftw  <>

        * threads/fftw_threads.h: Noted that nthreads is modified by the
        spawn_loop macro.

1998-06-25  fftw  <>

        * FAQ/fftw-faq.bfnn: Noted that you shouldn't recreate the plan
        before every transform.

1998-06-15  fftw  <>

        * src/fftw-int.h: Fixed bug in pentium timer runes

1998-06-14  fftw  <>

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed em-dash bugs introduced in last revision.

1998-06-13  fftw  <>

        * AUTHORS: Added newline to end of file.

1998-06-12  fftw  <>

        * doc/,, Minor fixes

        * doc/fftw.texi, doc/, Added html docs to
        make dist

        * doc/fftw.texi: Fixed for latest version of texinfo (3.12)

        * Fixed to interact properly with

        * doc/,, ChangeLog: Fixed distribution

        * doc/fftw.texi, doc/, doc/Makefile,, Put documentation under automake control.

1998-06-11  fftw  <>

        * NEWS: V, V. -> Version

        * INSTALL: Added FFTW-specific introduction.  I'm still not happy
        with this file.

        * Added cilk/ to list of distributed directories

        * doc/fftw.texi: Minor fixes.

        * tests/fftw_test.c: Used the word "consistency" rather than
        "accuracy" when describing the output of fftw_test -t.

        * threads/time_threads.c, threads/test_threads.c,
        threads/fftwnd_threads.c, threads/fftw_threads.h,
        threads/executor_threads.c, threads/README, tests/fftw_test.c,
        src/twiddle.c, src/timer.c, src/planner.c, src/generic.c,
        src/fftwnd.c, src/, src/fftw-int.h, src/executor.c,
        rfftw/time_rfftw.c, rfftw/test_rfftw.c, rfftw/rfftwnd.c,
        rfftw/rfftw.c, rfftw/rfftw.h, rfftw/README,
        mpi/transpose_mpi/README, mpi/time_fftwnd_mpi.c,
        mpi/test_fftwnd_mpi.c, mpi/fftwnd_mpi.h, mpi/fftwnd_mpi.c,
        mpi/README, matlab/fftw.c, gensrc/, gensrc/,
        fortran/fftw_f77.c, fortran/README, doc/fftw.texi,
        cilk/time_cilk.cilk, cilk/test_cilk.cilk, cilk/fftwnd_cilk.cilk,
        cilk/fftw_cilk.cilkh, cilk/executor_cilk.cilk, NEWS: Renamed
        FFTW_COMPLEX, FFTW_REAL -> fftw_complex, fftw_real.

        * src/malloc.c, src/, Added
        --enable-debug option; supercedes old MALLOC_DEBUG flag in

        * gensrc/ Fixed bug in makefile

        * tests/, rfftw/,, ChangeLog:
        Added libtool support

1998-06-11  Matteo Frigo  <>

        * Added libtool support for shared libraries