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S 0 Index
S 1 Introduction and General Information
Q whatisfftw 1.1 What is FFTW?
Q whereisfftw 1.2 How do I obtain FFTW?
Q isfftwfree 1.3 Is FFTW free software?
Q nonfree 1.4 What is this about non-free licenses?
S 2 Installing FFTW
Q systems 2.1 Which systems does FFTW run on?
Q runOnDOS 2.2 Does FFTW run on DOS/Windows?
Q compilerCrashes 2.3 My compiler crashes when compiling FFTW.
Q solarisSucks 2.4 FFTW does not compile on Solaris, complaining about \courier{const\}.
Q languages 2.5 Which language is FFTW written in?
Q fortran 2.6 Can I call FFTW from FORTRAN?
Q cplusplus 2.7 Can I call FFTW from C++?
Q whynotfortran 2.8 Why isn't FFTW written in FORTRAN/C++?
Q singleprec 2.9 How do I compile FFTW to run in single precision?
S 3 Using FFTW
Q slow 3.1 FFTW seems really slow.
Q conventions 3.2 FFTW gives results different from my old FFT.
Q savePlans 3.3 Can I save FFTW's plans?
Q whyscaled 3.4 Why does your inverse transform return a scaled result?
Q centerorigin 3.5 How can I make FFTW put the origin (zero frequency) at the center of its output?
Q imageaudio 3.6 How do I FFT an image/audio file in \italic{foobar\} format?
Q linkfails 3.7 My program does not link (on Unix).
S 4 Internals of FFTW
Q howworks 4.1 How does FFTW work?
Q whyfast 4.2 Why is FFTW so fast?
Q wisdom 4.3 What is this \courier{wisdom\} thing?
Q whywisdom 4.4 Why do you use \courier{wisdom\}? I just wanted to save a plan.
S 5 Known bugs
Q rfftwndbug 5.1 FFTW 1.1 crashes in rfftwnd on Linux.
Q fftwmpibug 5.2 The MPI transforms in FFTW 1.2 give incorrect results/leak memory.
Q testsingbug 5.3 The test programs in FFTW 1.2.1 fail when I change FFTW to use single precision.
Q teststoobig 5.4 The test program in FFTW 1.2.1 fails for n > 46340.
Q linuxthreads 5.5 The threaded code fails on Linux Redhat 5.0
Q bigrfftwnd 5.6 FFTW 2.0's rfftwnd fails for rank > 1 transforms with a final dimension >= 65536.
Q primebug 5.7 FFTW 2.0's complex transforms give the wrong results with prime factors 17 to 97.
Q mpichbug 5.8 FFTW 2.1.1's MPI test programs crash with MPICH.