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Known bugs:

- the Slot Shifting and the Sporadic Server Module are experimental :-)

- the File System Low Level have same IDE flags that may be changed to
  make the system run correctly.

- the porting of the audio Mpeg is not tested yet. 

- The sound drivers works only with old ISA Sound Blasters...
  If you have a Sound Blaster PNP and the library can not find the correct
  irq line, try to force it in drivers/oldsnd/blaster.c line 114 !!!

- sometimes, using FreeDos, the system crashes when it returns to DOS.
  It seems it happens when a lot of tasks are created/deleted :-(

- exit and _exit functions are at the moment implemented with a sys_end call,
  so they call the cancellation cleanup handlers, because the termination
  of the process is also the termination of the whole system...

- The graphic library now works with both VM86 mode or through an extender call
  to the PC BIOS. However, sometimes when booting with GRUB the graphic library
  may not work. Please read the readme.txt file into drivers/grx