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Library Symbols and Descriptions

Old Drivers:

__GRX__         The graphic driver for S3,TRIDENT,VESA cards
__OLDCHAR__     The old keyboard driver (the new one is under construction)
__6025E__       The 6025E card driver
__PPORT__       The Parallel Port driver
__PCLAB__       The PCL812 card driver
__NET__         The patched network driver
__PCL833__      The PCL833 card driver

New Drivers

__LINUXC26__    The Linux 2.6 Emulation Layer
__PCI__         The Linux 2.6 PCI support
__INPUT__       The Linux 2.6 Input Layer (KEYBOARD,MOUSE,SPEAKER,JOYSTICK)
__FB__          The Linux 2.6 Frame Buffer Driver
__I2C__         The Linux 2.6 I2C Driver
__BTTV__        The Linux 2.6 Frame Grabber BTTV Driver


__FFT__         FFT support (from FFTW)
__OSMESA__      Off-Screen Mesa support (from Mesa 5.0)
__PNG__         PNG Image file format support (from PNGlib)
__ZLIB__        Zlib support (from zlib)
__FIRST__       FSF Framework
__TFTP__        TFTP Protocol
__SERVO__       Servo Control Lib
__SNAPSHOT__    Snapshot Library