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    bttv - Bt848 frame grabber driver

    bttv's *private* header file  --  nobody other than bttv itself
    should ever include this file.

    (c) 2000-2002 Gerd Knorr <>

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

#ifndef _BTTVP_H_
#define _BTTVP_H_

#include <linux/version.h>

#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/wait.h>
#include <linux/i2c.h>
#include <linux/i2c-algo-bit.h>
#include <linux/videodev.h>
#include <linux/pci.h>
#include <linux/input.h>
#include <asm/scatterlist.h>
#include <asm/io.h>

#include <linux/device.h>
#include <drivers/video-buf.h>
#include <drivers/audiochip.h>
#include <drivers/tuner.h>

#include "drivers/bt848.h"
#include "drivers/bttv.h"
#include "drivers/btcx-risc.h"
#include "ir-common.h"

#ifdef __KERNEL__

#define FORMAT_FLAGS_DITHER       0x01
#define FORMAT_FLAGS_PACKED       0x02
#define FORMAT_FLAGS_PLANAR       0x04
#define FORMAT_FLAGS_RAW          0x08
#define FORMAT_FLAGS_CrCb         0x10

#define RISC_SLOT_O_VBI        4
#define RISC_SLOT_O_FIELD      6
#define RISC_SLOT_E_VBI       10
#define RISC_SLOT_E_FIELD     12
#define RISC_SLOT_LOOP        14

#define RESOURCE_OVERLAY       1
#define RESOURCE_VIDEO         2
#define RESOURCE_VBI           4

#define RAW_LINES            640
#define RAW_BPL             1024

#define UNSET (-1U)

/* ---------------------------------------------------------- */

struct bttv_tvnorm {
        int   v4l2_id;
        char  *name;
        u32   Fsc;
        u16   swidth, sheight; /* scaled standard width, height */
        u16   totalwidth;
        u8    adelay, bdelay, iform;
        u32   scaledtwidth;
        u16   hdelayx1, hactivex1;
        u16   vdelay;
        u8    vbipack;
        u16   vtotal;
        int   sram;
extern const struct bttv_tvnorm bttv_tvnorms[];
extern const unsigned int BTTV_TVNORMS;

struct bttv_format {
        char *name;
        int  palette;         /* video4linux 1      */
        int  fourcc;          /* video4linux 2      */
        int  btformat;        /* BT848_COLOR_FMT_*  */
        int  btswap;          /* BT848_COLOR_CTL_*  */
        int  depth;           /* bit/pixel          */
        int  flags;
        int  hshift,vshift;   /* for planar modes   */
extern const struct bttv_format bttv_formats[];
extern const unsigned int BTTV_FORMATS;

/* ---------------------------------------------------------- */

struct bttv_geometry {
        u8  vtc,crop,comb;
        u16 width,hscale,hdelay;
        u16 sheight,vscale,vdelay,vtotal;

struct bttv_buffer {
        /* common v4l buffer stuff -- must be first */
        struct videobuf_buffer     vb;

        /* bttv specific */
        const struct bttv_format   *fmt;
        int                        tvnorm;
        int                        btformat;
        int                        btswap;
        struct bttv_geometry       geo;
        struct btcx_riscmem        top;
        struct btcx_riscmem        bottom;

struct bttv_buffer_set {
        struct bttv_buffer     *top;       /* top field buffer    */
        struct bttv_buffer     *bottom;    /* bottom field buffer */
        struct bttv_buffer     *vbi;       /* vbi buffer */
        unsigned int           irqflags;
        unsigned int           topirq;

struct bttv_overlay {
        int                    tvnorm;
        struct v4l2_rect       w;
        enum v4l2_field        field;
        struct v4l2_clip       *clips;
        int                    nclips;
        int                    setup_ok;

struct bttv_fh {
        struct bttv              *btv;
        int resources;
        enum v4l2_priority       prio;
        enum v4l2_buf_type       type;

        /* video capture */
        struct videobuf_queue    cap;
        const struct bttv_format *fmt;
        int                      width;
        int                      height;

        /* current settings */
        const struct bttv_format *ovfmt;
        struct bttv_overlay      ov;

        /* video overlay */
        struct videobuf_queue    vbi;
        int                      lines;

/* ---------------------------------------------------------- */
/* bttv-risc.c                                                */

/* risc code generators - capture */
int bttv_risc_packed(struct bttv *btv, struct btcx_riscmem *risc,
                     struct scatterlist *sglist,
                     unsigned int offset, unsigned int bpl,
                     unsigned int pitch, unsigned int lines);
int bttv_risc_planar(struct bttv *btv, struct btcx_riscmem *risc,
                     struct scatterlist *sglist,
                     unsigned int yoffset,  unsigned int ybpl,
                     unsigned int ypadding, unsigned int ylines,
                     unsigned int uoffset,  unsigned int voffset,
                     unsigned int hshift,   unsigned int vshift,
                     unsigned int cpadding);
int bttv_risc_overlay(struct bttv *btv, struct btcx_riscmem *risc,
                      const struct bttv_format *fmt,
                      struct bttv_overlay *ov,
                      int skip_top, int skip_bottom);

/* calculate / apply geometry settings */
void bttv_calc_geo(struct bttv *btv, struct bttv_geometry *geo,
                   int width, int height, int interleaved, int norm);
void bttv_apply_geo(struct bttv *btv, struct bttv_geometry *geo, int top);

/* control dma register + risc main loop */
void bttv_set_dma(struct bttv *btv, int override, int irqflags);
int bttv_risc_init_main(struct bttv *btv);
int bttv_risc_hook(struct bttv *btv, int slot, struct btcx_riscmem *risc,
                   int irqflags);

/* capture buffer handling */
int bttv_buffer_risc(struct bttv *btv, struct bttv_buffer *buf);
int bttv_buffer_set_activate(struct bttv *btv,
                             struct bttv_buffer_set *set);
void bttv_dma_free(struct bttv *btv, struct bttv_buffer *buf);

/* overlay handling */
int bttv_overlay_risc(struct bttv *btv, struct bttv_overlay *ov,
                      const struct bttv_format *fmt,
                      struct bttv_buffer *buf);

/* ---------------------------------------------------------- */
/* bttv-vbi.c                                                 */

void bttv_vbi_try_fmt(struct bttv_fh *fh, struct v4l2_format *f);
void bttv_vbi_get_fmt(struct bttv_fh *fh, struct v4l2_format *f);
void bttv_vbi_setlines(struct bttv_fh *fh, struct bttv *btv, int lines);

extern struct videobuf_queue_ops bttv_vbi_qops;

/* ---------------------------------------------------------- */
/* bttv-input.c                                               */

int bttv_input_init(struct bttv *btv);
void bttv_input_fini(struct bttv *btv);
void bttv_input_irq(struct bttv *btv);

/* ---------------------------------------------------------- */
/* bttv-driver.c                                              */

/* insmod options */
extern unsigned int bttv_verbose;
extern unsigned int bttv_debug;
extern unsigned int bttv_gpio;
extern void bttv_gpio_tracking(struct bttv *btv, char *comment);
extern int init_bttv_i2c(struct bttv *btv);
extern int fini_bttv_i2c(struct bttv *btv);
extern int pvr_boot(struct bttv *btv);

extern int bttv_common_ioctls(struct bttv *btv, unsigned int cmd, void *arg);
extern void bttv_reinit_bt848(struct bttv *btv);
extern void bttv_field_count(struct bttv *btv);

#define vprintk  if (bttv_verbose) printk
#define dprintk  if (bttv_debug >= 1) printk
#define d2printk if (bttv_debug >= 2) printk

/* our devices */
#define BTTV_MAX 16
extern unsigned int bttv_num;

#define BTTV_MAX_FBUF   0x208000
#define VBIBUF_SIZE     (2048*VBI_MAXLINES*2)
#define BTTV_TIMEOUT    (HZ/2) /* 0.5 seconds */
#define BTTV_FREE_IDLE  (HZ)   /* one second */

struct bttv_pll_info {
        unsigned int pll_ifreq;    /* PLL input frequency        */
        unsigned int pll_ofreq;    /* PLL output frequency       */
        unsigned int pll_crystal;  /* Crystal used for input     */
        unsigned int pll_current;  /* Currently programmed ofreq */

/* for gpio-connected remote control */
struct bttv_input {
        struct input_dev      dev;
        struct ir_input_state ir;
        char                  name[32];
        char                  phys[32];
        u32                   mask_keycode;
        u32                   mask_keydown;

struct bttv {
        /* pci device config */
        struct pci_dev *dev;
        unsigned short id;
        unsigned char revision;
        unsigned char *bt848_mmio;   /* pointer to mmio */

        /* card configuration info */
        unsigned int nr;       /* dev nr (for printk("bttv%d: ...");  */
        char name[8];          /* dev name */
        unsigned int cardid;   /* pci subsystem id (bt878 based ones) */
        unsigned int type;     /* card type (pointer into tvcards[])  */
        unsigned int tuner_type;  /* tuner chip type */
        unsigned int pinnacle_id;
        unsigned int svhs;
        struct bttv_pll_info pll;
        int triton1;

        /* gpio interface */
        wait_queue_head_t gpioq;
        int shutdown;
        void (*audio_hook)(struct bttv *btv, struct video_audio *v, int set);
        /* i2c layer */
        struct i2c_adapter         i2c_adap;
        struct i2c_algo_bit_data   i2c_algo;
        struct i2c_client          i2c_client;
        int                        i2c_state, i2c_rc;

        /* video4linux (1) */
        struct video_device *video_dev;
        struct video_device *radio_dev;
        struct video_device *vbi_dev;

        /* infrared remote */
        int has_remote;
        struct bttv_input *remote;

        /* locking */
        spinlock_t s_lock;
        struct semaphore lock;
        int resources;
        struct semaphore reslock;
        struct v4l2_prio_state prio;
        /* video state */
        unsigned int input;
        unsigned int audio;
        unsigned long freq;
        int tvnorm,hue,contrast,bright,saturation;
        struct v4l2_framebuffer fbuf;
        unsigned int field_count;

        /* various options */
        int opt_combfilter;
        int opt_lumafilter;
        int opt_automute;
        int opt_chroma_agc;
        int opt_adc_crush;
        int opt_vcr_hack;

        /* radio data/state */
        int has_radio;
        int radio_user;

        /* miro/pinnacle + Aimslab VHX
           philips matchbox (tea5757 radio tuner) support */

        int has_matchbox;
        int mbox_we;
        int mbox_data;
        int mbox_clk;
        int mbox_most;
        int mbox_mask;

        /* ISA stuff (Terratec Active Radio Upgrade) */
        int mbox_ior;
        int mbox_iow;
        int mbox_csel;

        /* risc memory management data
           - must aquire s_lock before changing these
           - only the irq handler is supported to touch top + bottom + vcurr */

        struct btcx_riscmem     main;
        struct bttv_buffer      *screen;    /* overlay             */
        struct list_head        capture;    /* video capture queue */
        struct list_head        vcapture;   /* vbi capture queue   */
        struct bttv_buffer_set  curr;       /* active buffers      */
        int                     new_input;

        unsigned long cap_ctl;
        unsigned long dma_on;
        struct timer_list timeout;
        unsigned int errors;

        unsigned int users;
        struct bttv_fh init;

// moved here for gcc4 compatibility
extern struct bttv bttvs[BTTV_MAX];

/* private ioctls */
#define BTTV_VERSION            _IOR('v' , BASE_VIDIOCPRIVATE+6, int)
#define BTTV_VBISIZE            _IOR('v' , BASE_VIDIOCPRIVATE+8, int)


#define btwrite(dat,adr)    writel((dat), (char *) (btv->bt848_mmio+(adr)))
#define btread(adr)         readl(btv->bt848_mmio+(adr))

#define btand(dat,adr)      btwrite((dat) & btread(adr), adr)
#define btor(dat,adr)       btwrite((dat) | btread(adr), adr)
#define btaor(dat,mask,adr) btwrite((dat) | ((mask) & btread(adr)), adr)

#endif /* _BTTVP_H_ */

 * Local variables:
 * c-basic-offset: 8
 * End: