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#ifndef __NETDEVICE__
#define __NETDEVICE__

#include <linux/config.h>
#include <linux/compatib.h>

#include <linux/if.h>

#include <linux/skbuff.h>
#include <linux/notifier.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <arch/sys/cdefs.h>


// for 3c59x.c (!!!)
#define le32_to_cpu(val) (val)
#define cpu_to_le32(val) (val)
#define cpu_to_le16(val) (val)
#define test_and_set_bit(val, addr) set_bit(val, addr)

static __inline__ void mdelay(int x)
  struct timespec delay;
  nanosleep(&delay, NULL);

#define kfree(x) free(x)
#define ioremap(a,b) \
        (((a)<0x100000) ? (void *)((u_long)(a)) : 0)

// was vremap(a,b)) instead of 0)) PJ

#define iounmap(v)
//PJ was #define iounmap do { if ((u_long)(v) > 0x100000) vfree(v); } while (0)

/* for future expansion when we will have different priorities. */
#define DEV_NUMBUFFS    3
#define MAX_ADDR_LEN    7
#ifndef CONFIG_AX25
#ifndef CONFIG_TR
#define MAX_HEADER      32              /* We really need about 18 worst case .. so 32 is aligned */
#define MAX_HEADER      80              /* We need to allow for having tunnel headers */
#endif  /* IPIP */
#define MAX_HEADER      48              /* Token Ring header needs 40 bytes ... 48 is aligned */
#endif /* TR */
#define MAX_HEADER      96              /* AX.25 + NetROM */
#endif /* AX25 */

#define IS_MYADDR       1               /* address is (one of) our own  */
#define IS_LOOPBACK     2               /* address is for LOOPBACK      */
#define IS_BROADCAST    3               /* address is a valid broadcast */
#define IS_INVBCAST     4               /* Wrong netmask bcast not for us (unused)*/
#define IS_MULTICAST    5               /* Multicast IP address */

struct dev_mc_list
        struct dev_mc_list      *next;
        __u8                    dmi_addr[MAX_ADDR_LEN];
        unsigned char           dmi_addrlen;
        int                     dmi_users;
        int                     dmi_gusers;

 *      Network device statistics. Akin to the 2.0 ether stats but
 *      with byte counters.

struct net_device_stats
        unsigned long   rx_packets;             /* total packets received       */
        unsigned long   tx_packets;             /* total packets transmitted    */
        unsigned long   rx_bytes;               /* total bytes received         */
        unsigned long   tx_bytes;               /* total bytes transmitted      */
        unsigned long   rx_errors;              /* bad packets received         */
        unsigned long   tx_errors;              /* packet transmit problems     */
        unsigned long   rx_dropped;             /* no space in linux buffers    */
        unsigned long   tx_dropped;             /* no space available in linux  */
        unsigned long   multicast;              /* multicast packets received   */
        unsigned long   collisions;

        /* detailed rx_errors: */
        unsigned long   rx_length_errors;
        unsigned long   rx_over_errors;         /* receiver ring buff overflow  */
        unsigned long   rx_crc_errors;          /* recved pkt with crc error    */
        unsigned long   rx_frame_errors;        /* recv'd frame alignment error */
        unsigned long   rx_fifo_errors;         /* recv'r fifo overrun          */
        unsigned long   rx_missed_errors;       /* receiver missed packet       */

        /* detailed tx_errors */
        unsigned long   tx_aborted_errors;
        unsigned long   tx_carrier_errors;
        unsigned long   tx_fifo_errors;
        unsigned long   tx_heartbeat_errors;
        unsigned long   tx_window_errors;
        /* for cslip etc */
        unsigned long   rx_compressed;
        unsigned long   tx_compressed;

struct hh_cache
        struct hh_cache *hh_next;
        void            *hh_arp;        /* Opaque pointer, used by
                                         * any address resolution module,
                                         * not only ARP.

        int             hh_refcnt;      /* number of users */
        unsigned short  hh_type;        /* protocol identifier, f.e ETH_P_IP */
        char            hh_uptodate;    /* hh_data is valid */
        char            hh_data[16];    /* cached hardware header */

 * The DEVICE structure.
 * Actually, this whole structure is a big mistake.  It mixes I/O
 * data with strictly "high-level" data, and it has to know about
 * almost every data structure used in the INET module.  

struct device

   * This is the first field of the "visible" part of this structure
   * (i.e. as seen by users in the "Space.c" file).  It is the name
   * the interface.

  char                    *name;

  /* I/O specific fields - FIXME: Merge these and struct ifmap into one */
  unsigned long           rmem_end;             /* shmem "recv" end     */
  unsigned long           rmem_start;           /* shmem "recv" start   */
  unsigned long           mem_end;              /* shared mem end       */
  unsigned long           mem_start;            /* shared mem start     */
  unsigned long           base_addr;            /* device I/O address   */
  unsigned char           irq;                  /* device IRQ number    */

  /* Low-level status flags. */
  volatile unsigned char  start,                /* start an operation   */
                          interrupt;            /* interrupt arrived    */
  unsigned long           tbusy;                /* transmitter busy must be long for bitops */

  struct device           *next;

  /* The device initialization function. Called only once. */
  int                     (*init)(struct device *dev);

  /* Some hardware also needs these fields, but they are not part of the
     usual set specified in Space.c. */

  unsigned char           if_port;              /* Selectable AUI, TP,..*/
  unsigned char           dma;                  /* DMA channel          */

  struct enet_statistics* (*get_stats)(struct device *dev);

   * This marks the end of the "visible" part of the structure. All
   * fields hereafter are internal to the system, and may change at
   * will (read: may be cleaned up at will).

  /* These may be needed for future network-power-down code. */
  unsigned long           trans_start;  /* Time (in jiffies) of last Tx */
  unsigned long           last_rx;      /* Time of last Rx              */

  unsigned short          flags;        /* interface flags (a la BSD)   */
  unsigned short          family;       /* address family ID (AF_INET)  */
  unsigned short          metric;       /* routing metric (not used)    */
  unsigned short          mtu;          /* interface MTU value          */
  unsigned short          type;         /* interface hardware type      */
  unsigned short          hard_header_len;      /* hardware hdr length  */
  void                    *priv;        /* pointer to private data      */

  /* Interface address info. */
  unsigned char           broadcast[MAX_ADDR_LEN];      /* hw bcast add */
  unsigned char           pad;                          /* make dev_addr aligned to 8 bytes */
  unsigned char           dev_addr[MAX_ADDR_LEN];       /* hw address   */
  unsigned char           addr_len;     /* hardware address length      */
  unsigned long           pa_addr;      /* protocol address             */
  unsigned long           pa_brdaddr;   /* protocol broadcast addr      */
  unsigned long           pa_dstaddr;   /* protocol P-P other side addr */
  unsigned long           pa_mask;      /* protocol netmask             */
  unsigned short          pa_alen;      /* protocol address length      */

  struct dev_mc_list     *mc_list;      /* Multicast mac addresses      */
  int                    mc_count;      /* Number of installed mcasts   */
  struct ip_mc_list      *ip_mc_list;   /* IP multicast filter chain    */
  __u32                 tx_queue_len;   /* Max frames per queue allowed */
  /* For load balancing driver pair support */
  unsigned long            pkt_queue;   /* Packets queued */
  struct device           *slave;       /* Slave device */
  struct net_alias_info         *alias_info;    /* main dev alias info */
  struct net_alias              *my_alias;      /* alias devs */
  /* Pointer to the interface buffers. */
  struct sk_buff_head     buffs[DEV_NUMBUFFS];

  /* Pointers to interface service routines. */
  int                     (*open)(struct device *dev);
  int                     (*stop)(struct device *dev);
  int                     (*hard_start_xmit) (struct sk_buff *skb,
                                              struct device *dev);
  int                     (*hard_header) (struct sk_buff *skb,
                                          struct device *dev,
                                          unsigned short type,
                                          void *daddr,
                                          void *saddr,
                                          unsigned len);
  int                     (*rebuild_header)(void *eth, struct device *dev,
                                unsigned long raddr, struct sk_buff *skb);

  int                     (*do_ioctl)(struct device *dev, struct ifreq *ifr, int cmd);
  int                     (*set_config)(struct device *dev, struct ifmap *map);
  int                     (*change_mtu)(struct device *dev, int new_mtu);            
#define HAVE_SET_MAC_ADDR                
  int                     (*set_mac_address)(struct device *dev, void *addr);

  void                    (*header_cache_bind)(struct hh_cache **hhp, struct device *dev, unsigned short htype, __u32 daddr);
  void                    (*header_cache_update)(struct hh_cache *hh, struct device *dev, unsigned char *  haddr);

#define HAVE_MULTICAST                   
  void                    (*set_multicast_list)(struct device *dev);

extern struct device    loopback_dev;
extern struct device    *dev_base;
extern struct packet_type *ptype_base[16];

extern void             ether_setup(struct device *dev);
extern void             tr_setup(struct device *dev);
extern void             fddi_setup(struct device *dev);
extern int              ether_config(struct device *dev, struct ifmap *map);
/* Support for loadable net-drivers */
extern int              register_netdev(struct device *dev);
extern void             unregister_netdev(struct device *dev);
extern int              register_netdevice_notifier(struct notifier_block *nb);
extern int              unregister_netdevice_notifier(struct notifier_block *nb);

unsigned short htons(unsigned short host);
unsigned short ntohs(unsigned short net);

void netif_rx(struct sk_buff *skb);