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# Standard library for X/COFF kernel
# Makefile for GNU MAKE & GCC 2.8.0

# Standard path

ifndef BASE
        BASE = ../..
        BASEDOS = ..\..

include $(BASE)/config/

C_INC= -I. -I$(BASE)/include/ll -I$(BASE)/include
C_OPT += -Dlint -Wno-uninitialized -Wno-parentheses
ASM_OPT += -Dlint -I.

# by Massy
# so there is no conflict with standard libC library
C_OPT += -Dwrite=ll_internal_write

SRCDIRS = msun/src msun/i387 machine
space := $(empty) $(empty)

vpath %.s msun/i387
vpath %.c msun/src machine

# First find a list of every file that might possibly be a source file,
# so we only have to scan the source directories once.
FILES := $(foreach DIR,$(SRCDIRS),$(wildcard $(DIR)/*))

# C source files
CFILES := $(filter %.c,$(FILES))
SFILES := $(filter %.s,$(FILES))

# The generated object files have the same prefix names as the source files,
# except they live in the current (object) directory.
OBJFILES += $(patsubst %.s,%.o,$(notdir $(SFILES)))
OBJFILES += $(patsubst %.c,%.o,$(notdir $(CFILES)))

# This is to eliminate duplicate files,
# which might appear when files are being overridden.


# Ok! Finally the dependency rules!
# We do not mess with automatic depencencies here!!

.PHONY : all clean info install


info :
        @echo "OSLib Makefile"
        @echo "Chose: all, install, clean"

all : libhm.a

install : libhm.a $(LIB_DIR)
        $(CP) libhm.a $(LIB_DIR)

$(LIB_DIR) :
        $(MKDIR) $(LIB_DIR)
clean :
        $(RM) *.o
        $(RM) *.err
        $(RM) libhm.a

allclean : clean
        echo # Kernel Dependency file > deps
        $(RM) ..\lib\libhm.a

deps : $(OBJS:.o=.c)
        $(CC) $(C_OPT) $(VMINCL) -M $(OBJS:.o=.c) > deps

libhm.a : $(OBJS)
        $(AR) rs libhm.a $(OBJS)

        type $(VPATH)


ifeq (deps,$(wildcard deps))
include deps