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/* Project:     OSLib
 * Description: The OS Construction Kit
 * Date:                1.6.2000
 * Idea by:             Luca Abeni & Gerardo Lamastra
 * OSLib is an SO project aimed at developing a common, easy-to-use
 * low-level infrastructure for developing OS kernels and Embedded
 * Applications; it partially derives from the HARTIK project but it
 * currently is independently developed.
 * OSLib is distributed under GPL License, and some of its code has
 * been derived from the Linux kernel source; also some important
 * ideas come from studying the DJGPP go32 extender.
 * We acknowledge the Linux Community, Free Software Foundation,
 * D.J. Delorie and all the other developers who believe in the
 * freedom of software and ideas.
 * For legalese, check out the included GPL license.

/*      Console output functions        */

#include <ll/i386/hw-data.h>
#include <ll/i386/hw-instr.h>
#include <ll/i386/cons.h>
#include <ll/i386/string.h>
#include <ll/i386/stdlib.h>
#include <ll/i386/stdio.h>
#include <ll/stdarg.h>


int message(const char *fmt,...)
    static char cbuf[500];
    va_list parms;
    int result;

    result = vksprintf(cbuf,(char *)fmt,parms);