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Step 1: Generation of the Shape of the hard periodic load
Given the LENGTH.DAT file, we need to produce a random shape for the
Periodic load.

The random shape is the limit of bandwith that a certain time can be
available for creating hard tasks. Hard task creation is disabled
if the currently used bandwidth is higher than the limit.

The random shape is contained into the SHAPE.DAT file. The file contains
a sequence of numbers in the form: <time> <b>,
where <time> is the time in seconds to wich refers the threshold,
and <b> is the maximum bandwidth that can be used after <time>.
The data is ordered by time.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>


int x;
int x_total[1000], x_B[1000];

int main()
  unsigned length;
  unsigned i;
  unsigned total;



  total = 0;
  while (total < length) {
    i = rand()%90;  // percentage of use

    x_total[x] = total;
    x_B[x] = (MAX_BANDWIDTH/100)*i;

    fprintf(stderr,"x=%6d B=%d\n", x_total[x], i);

    total += rand()%30+5;

  for (i=0; i<x; i++) {
      printf("%u %u\n",x_total[i], x_B[i]);

  printf("%u 0\n",length);

  return 0;