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AUTHORS : Kabilan Sukumar 
          Rajenish Kumar Jain
          Deepaknath T K 

Project work for shark part of the Operating Systems Course.

Changes made:
1. A new function , BYTE getKeyFlag(void) ,added into the file /drivers/char/keyb.c. This returns the keyFlag which stores the scan code to the key pressed. This was used to make the movement of the bat smooth. Normal use of keys did not work because the interrupt rate was not adjustable.

2. The function was added into the include file /include/drivers/keyb.h

1. Copy the file Keyb.c to /drivers/char/
2. Copy the file keyb.h to /include/drivers/
3. Recompile the kernel by typing MAKE in c:/shark.
4. Copy the the folder pingpong_proj to c:/shark/demos.
5. Type MAKE to compile the proj.
6. Type X demo to run the game. Then follow the instructions given.
7. ENJOY the GAME.