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From Tue Jun 11 09:44:08 2002
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 17:28:50 +0200
From: kailash <>
Subject: Project Sumbmission: Ship_v1

Dear Sir,

Please find attached our project on SHIP-BULLET-ASTEROID simulation game. 
source file :    Ship_v1.c
object  file :    Ship_v1.o
Zip      file: (also contains above two files)

1. The program creates a ship. The motion of the ship can be controlled
(left, right, up and down). 
2. The ship can fire bullets on pressing space bar (i.e. creates a new task
for each bullet).
3. Asteroids are generated at random (each asteroid is a new task).
4. Asteroids travel from right to left. When an asteroid reaches the left
most boundary, the task asteroid is destroyed.
5. Bullets travel from left to right. When a bullet reaches the right most
boundary, the task bullet is destroyed.
6. At any  point of time there are MAX_A = 35 asteroid tasks and MAX_B = 35
bullet tasks on the screen.
7. In this way the creation of asteroid and bullet task is continuous (till
they do not reach the max value).
8. Bullets destroy the asteroids, while asteroids tries to destroy the ship.
9. Everytime an asteroid is destroyed, the player gets a point and it is
displayed on the screen.
10. When an asteroid hits the ship, the game_finish flag is set and all
tasks are destroyed. 
11. Once all tasks are destroyed, the game is  over.

The speed of bullet and asteroid can be controlled by setting the variable
bullet_delay and asteroid_delay.

Future work:
It is desirable to have a menu controlled GUI to play SHIP - ASTEROIDS game.
This version of our program does not
support this functionality. We will soon work on this and send you the next
version of this game, that will
be Menu driven.

Project Members :
1. Kailash Kumar Sharma
2. Ramakrishnan S.
3. Rekha Rao

Kailash Kumar Sharma


Kailash Kumar Sharma
[International Master in Software Engineering],
Via Rinaldo Piaggio, 34
Pontedera - 56025
Mail to:
Mobile: +39-3291 530027

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