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1651 6422d 03h pj /advdemos/trunk/ moved modules directory  
1650 6470d 23h pj /advdemos/trunk/ removed sys_end, sys_abort, using exit instead
removed sys_abort_shutdown at the end of the shutdown task
1644 6671d 20h anton /advdemos/trunk/elastic/ update  
1643 6671d 21h anton /advdemos/trunk/elastic/ Bugfixes  
1642 6678d 23h anton /advdemos/trunk/elastic/ *** empty log message ***  
1639 6679d 23h anton /advdemos/trunk/elastic/ *** empty log message ***  
1631 6693d 00h anton /advdemos/trunk/elastic/ elastic  
1630 6696d 22h anton /advdemos/trunk/elastic/ *** empty log message ***  
1629 6696d 23h anton /advdemos/trunk/elastic/ *** empty log message ***  
1628 6698d 21h giacomo /advdemos/trunk/elastic/ Update  
1627 6699d 02h giacomo /advdemos/trunk/elastic/ Elastic Task Demo