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1576 5997d 16h tullio /demos/trunk/advtimer/ Changed exit key from Alt+C to Ctrl+c.  
1575 6003d 17h tullio /demos/trunk/jumpball/ Changed the dummy task PID definition since, after the introduction of the IntDrive task, dummy task has no more PID=1 but has PID=2.  
1574 6018d 14h tullio /demos/trunk/newtrace/udp/ Comments update.  
1573 6018d 14h tullio /demos/trunk/newtrace/udp/ Updated comments.  
1572 6112d 09h mauro /demos/trunk/input/ New version without Semaphores and Hartport and with set_keyevt.  
1571 6112d 14h mauro /demos/trunk/ Fiexed error for newtracer compilation.  
1570 6113d 08h tullio /demos/trunk/ Filtered out the demos which do not compile properly.  
1569 6113d 12h tullio /demos/trunk/ Corrected the initfile to update the IntDrive initialization.
Also updated correctly manage the level register module.
1568 6113d 14h tullio /demos/trunk/newtrace/ Commented the udp demo (with the option for saving on file).

Corrected all the initfiles to update the IntDrive initialization.
Corrected all the initfiles to correctly manage the level register module.

Slightly changed the list.c utility to list the tracing content.
1567 6416d 09h mauro /demos/trunk/ New intdrive implementation  
1566 6441d 19h trimarchi /demos/trunk/sharkDecoderWithFSF/ Modification of example width keyboard  
1565 6450d 19h trimarchi /demos/trunk/sharkDecoderWithFSF/ change in demo  
1564 6450d 20h trimarchi /demos/trunk/sharkDecoderWithFSF/ remove old stuff  
1563 6450d 20h trimarchi /demos/trunk/sharkDecoderWithFSF/ change in file  
1562 6451d 17h trimarchi /demos/trunk/sharkDecoderWithFSF/ add decoder width fsf  
1561 6475d 14h trimarchi /demos/trunk/loader/loadfile/ new sample file  
1560 6475d 15h trimarchi /demos/trunk/newtrace/ change in event catch  
1559 6475d 15h trimarchi /demos/trunk/loader/ change in tracer inizialization  
1558 6477d 09h trimarchi /demos/trunk/newtrace/utils/ Add server data to statistics  
1557 6489d 10h /demos/tags/rel_1_5_beta1/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag

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