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1686 5451d 02h fabio /demos/branches/xen/ Convert the makefiles to the new build system.

Convert all the makefiles to the syntax and conventions of the new build
system. Compile-tested only. Temporarily almost everything depends on
__GRX__ as even the text console code seems to use some grx symbols; this
should be fixed in the base system.
1684 5451d 15h fabio /demos/branches/xen/ Branch the demos tree to sync it with the xen branch of the kernel.

This branch will contain a sync'ed version of the demos with the new
build system and the new kernel tree structure.
1616 5768d 17h boinc /demos/trunk/network/ Added notify.c demo and the java program to generate datagrams.  
1615 5788d 17h tullio /demos/trunk/newtrace/udp/ Some new useful comments to the udp demo for the new tracer.  
1613 5858d 12h tullio /demos/trunk/ Changed due to modification to officially distributed demos.  
1612 5858d 12h tullio /demos/trunk/ Moved to unsupported demos.  
1611 5858d 12h tullio /demos/trunk/ Changed due to demo removal.  
1610 5858d 12h tullio /demos/trunk/ Moved to unsupported demos  
1609 5858d 12h tullio /demos/trunk/loader/ Moved to unsupported demos.  
1608 5858d 13h tullio /demos/trunk/ Changed due to demo directory removal.  
1607 5858d 13h tullio /demos/trunk/ Moved to unsupported demos.  
1606 5866d 16h tullio /demos/trunk/ Added missing GPL license disclaimer.  
1603 6034d 16h tullio /demos/trunk/shutdown/ Inserted __PCI__ flag into makefile.  
1601 6038d 17h tullio /demos/trunk/dynademo/ added dynalynk support (thanks to LexN)  
1600 6054d 16h tullio /demos/trunk/tftptest/ Retouch to keyboard management.
Added few useful comments.
1599 6054d 17h tullio /demos/trunk/pci6025e/ Changed exit key to Ctrl+C.  
1598 6054d 18h tullio /demos/trunk/jumpball/ Double EDF level registration error fixed.  
1597 6054d 18h tullio /demos/trunk/base/ Change the level for aperiodic registration. Previous version didn't work.  
1596 6055d 14h tullio /demos/trunk/shutdown/ hartport is no more needed in the initfile.  
1595 6055d 14h tullio /demos/trunk/shutdown/ Previous version didn't work!
It didn't initialize the RR level. Call to PCI26_init() also added.

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