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1686 5203d 08h fabio /demos/branches/xen/ Convert the makefiles to the new build system.

Convert all the makefiles to the syntax and conventions of the new build
system. Compile-tested only. Temporarily almost everything depends on
__GRX__ as even the text console code seems to use some grx symbols; this
should be fixed in the base system.
1684 5203d 21h fabio /demos/branches/xen/ Branch the demos tree to sync it with the xen branch of the kernel.

This branch will contain a sync'ed version of the demos with the new
build system and the new kernel tree structure.
1551 6305d 19h mauro /demos/trunk/ New helloworld demo.  
1406 6607d 20h giacomo /demos/trunk/ Update  
1388 6613d 18h giacomo /demos/trunk/base/ Update  
1382 6614d 13h giacomo /demos/trunk/base/ Update  
1377 6615d 21h giacomo /demos/trunk/base/ Update  
1375 6616d 22h giacomo /demos/trunk/base/ Update  
1357 6634d 02h pj /demos/trunk/base/ added fly2 demo  
1356 6634d 14h giacomo /demos/trunk/base/ Update  
1346 6644d 15h giacomo /demos/trunk/base/ Update  
1340 6654d 23h giacomo /demos/trunk/ Update  
1327 6666d 20h giacomo /demos/trunk/base/ Update  
1317 6694d 19h giacomo /demos/trunk/base/ Update  
1282 6744d 16h giacomo /demos/trunk/ Update  
1145 7005d 19h giacomo /demos/trunk/ svga/grx separation  
1144 7005d 21h pj /demos/trunk/ - new include structure  
1119 7139d 00h pj /demos/trunk/base/ - new demos imported from oldexamples
- removed task_delay
- other fixes
1099 7153d 00h pj /demos/trunk/base/ Added some basic examples  
1086 7208d 23h pj /demos/trunk/ This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r2,
which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.

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