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1597 6060d 05h tullio /demos/trunk/base/ Change the level for aperiodic registration. Previous version didn't work.  
1588 6062d 00h tullio /demos/trunk/base/ Restore WCET for aperiodic tasks.  
1587 6062d 00h tullio /demos/trunk/base/ Little update to error messages.  
1577 6062d 02h tullio /demos/trunk/base/ Changed error message from test7.c to aster3.c  
1552 6555d 02h pj /demos/trunk/ moved modules  
1547 6602d 23h pj /demos/trunk/base/ removed sys_end, sys_abort, using exit instead
removed sys_abort_shutdown at the end of the shutdown task
aster4 added lost shutdown code
1388 6866d 23h giacomo /demos/trunk/base/ Update  
1377 6869d 02h giacomo /demos/trunk/base/ Update  
1123 7334d 20h pj /demos/trunk/ - new scheduling module interface
- various fixes
1119 7392d 05h pj /demos/trunk/base/ - new demos imported from oldexamples
- removed task_delay
- other fixes
1099 7406d 05h pj /demos/trunk/base/ Added some basic examples