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1690 5011d 13h fabio /demos/trunk/ Update the demos to use the new build system.

The interface can be improved, this should be the fastest path
to both continue with the old scheme and use the new infrastructure.
1686 5197d 23h fabio /demos/branches/xen/ Convert the makefiles to the new build system.

Convert all the makefiles to the syntax and conventions of the new build
system. Compile-tested only. Temporarily almost everything depends on
__GRX__ as even the text console code seems to use some grx symbols; this
should be fixed in the base system.
1684 5198d 12h fabio /demos/branches/xen/ Branch the demos tree to sync it with the xen branch of the kernel.

This branch will contain a sync'ed version of the demos with the new
build system and the new kernel tree structure.
1406 6602d 11h giacomo /demos/trunk/ Update  
1400 6604d 15h giacomo /demos/trunk/mesademo/ Update  
1314 6690d 08h giacomo /demos/trunk/mesademo/ Update  
1145 7000d 10h giacomo /demos/trunk/ svga/grx separation  
1144 7000d 12h pj /demos/trunk/ - new include structure  
1137 7006d 09h giacomo /demos/trunk/ makefile  
1127 7011d 11h giacomo /demos/trunk/mesademo/ mesademo demo