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1606 5609d 05h tullio /demos/trunk/ Added missing GPL license disclaimer.  
1594 5798d 23h tullio /demos/trunk/ Changed exit key to Ctrl+C.  
1550 6340d 01h pj /demos/trunk/ removed sys_end, sys_abort, using exit instead
removed sys_abort_shutdown at the end of the shutdown task
1464 6568d 22h giacomo /demos/trunk/ Update  
1321 6672d 21h giacomo /demos/trunk/ Update  
1315 6685d 23h giacomo /demos/trunk/ Update  
1156 6961d 03h giacomo /demos/trunk/ Setup  
1155 6961d 04h giacomo /demos/trunk/ Setup  
1154 6965d 03h giacomo /demos/trunk/ vesa  
1129 7007d 02h giacomo /demos/trunk/mesatex/ mesatex demo