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1574 5709d 10h tullio /demos/trunk/newtrace/udp/ Comments update.  
1573 5709d 10h tullio /demos/trunk/newtrace/udp/ Updated comments.  
1568 5804d 10h tullio /demos/trunk/newtrace/ Commented the udp demo (with the option for saving on file).

Corrected all the initfiles to update the IntDrive initialization.
Corrected all the initfiles to correctly manage the level register module.

Slightly changed the list.c utility to list the tracing content.
1518 6366d 13h giacomo /demos/trunk/newtrace/ Update  
1515 6366d 15h giacomo /demos/trunk/newtrace/udp/ Udpate  
1510 6368d 12h giacomo /demos/trunk/newtrace/ Update  
1508 6368d 13h giacomo /demos/trunk/newtrace/ Update  
1411 6486d 08h giacomo /demos/trunk/newtrace/ Update  
1372 6496d 14h giacomo /demos/trunk/newtrace/udp/ Update  
1371 6496d 14h giacomo /demos/trunk/newtrace/udp/ Update  
1367 6506d 13h giacomo /demos/trunk/newtrace/udp/ Update  
1364 6507d 07h giacomo /demos/trunk/newtrace/udp/ Update  
1354 6515d 12h giacomo /demos/trunk/newtrace/ Update  
1353 6515d 12h giacomo /demos/trunk/newtrace/ Update  
1293 6616d 10h giacomo /demos/trunk/newtrace/ Update