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1690 5260d 20h fabio /demos/trunk/ Update the demos to use the new build system.

The interface can be improved, this should be the fastest path
to both continue with the old scheme and use the new infrastructure.
1569 6168d 16h tullio /demos/trunk/ Corrected the initfile to update the IntDrive initialization.
Also updated correctly manage the level register module.
1567 6471d 13h mauro /demos/trunk/ New intdrive implementation  
1552 6545d 19h pj /demos/trunk/ moved modules  
1550 6593d 16h pj /demos/trunk/ removed sys_end, sys_abort, using exit instead
removed sys_abort_shutdown at the end of the shutdown task
1456 6823d 11h giacomo /demos/trunk/orbit/ Update  
1455 6823d 18h giacomo /demos/trunk/orbit/ Update  
1454 6823d 18h giacomo /demos/trunk/orbit/ Update  
1453 6823d 19h giacomo /demos/trunk/orbit/ Update  
1159 7211d 11h pj /demos/trunk/ - added some nice printings in case of error...  
1145 7249d 17h giacomo /demos/trunk/ svga/grx separation  
1144 7249d 19h pj /demos/trunk/ - new include structure  
1123 7325d 13h pj /demos/trunk/ - new scheduling module interface
- various fixes
1111 7382d 23h pj /demos/trunk/ main declaration  
1086 7452d 21h pj /demos/trunk/ This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r2,
which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.