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1027 6116d 07h tullio /shark/trunk/tracer/ Removed the dependency from the network for all the applications which do not use the tracer when the kernl is built with the tracer support: now the tracer works with pointer to functions instead of direct calls.

Added the support for the output to disk instead of network output only.

Added the true management for the event filtering. It is now possible to filter families of events.
1026 6116d 07h mauro /shark/trunk/ Fix for bug #111.  
1025 6116d 07h mauro /shark/trunk/ Fix for bug #111.  
1024 6116d 07h mauro /shark/trunk/include/kernel/ New INTERRUPT task model.  
1023 6116d 07h mauro /shark/trunk/modules/intdrive/ New INTERRUPT_task model.  
1022 6117d 03h mauro /shark/trunk/drivers/fb/ Source cleaning  
1021 6118d 00h mauro /shark/trunk/modules/intdrive/ Intermediate version on the new INTDrive implementation.  
1020 6118d 00h mauro /shark/trunk/kernel/ Small fix along with the new INTDrive version.  
1019 6118d 00h mauro /shark/trunk/drivers/linuxc26/ Small fix along with the new INTDrive module.  
1018 6122d 02h mauro /shark/trunk/ Initial solution of bug #218  
1017 6123d 02h mauro /shark/trunk/include/sys/ Unused file: removed.  
1016 6123d 03h mauro /shark/trunk/ports/ The directory FIRST is excluded from make.  
1015 6340d 06h mauro /shark/trunk/drivers/input/ Softrepeat option inserted.  
1014 6396d 10h pj /shark/trunk/drivers/net/ added support for 3c920B, from a post of rmarau on the shark forum  
1013 6404d 05h mauro /shark/trunk/drivers/pci6025e/ ADC driver added.  
1012 6416d 09h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/ change for bogus in first include  
1011 6417d 11h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ change for bwi  
1010 6417d 11h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ change in feedback scheduling  
1009 6417d 11h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/ add feedback  
1008 6417d 11h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/ Add feedback and change memmove  
1007 6419d 02h mauro /shark/trunk/drivers/ New intdrive implementation - gluecode side  
1006 6419d 02h mauro /shark/trunk/drivers/input/shark/ Mouse task activated by default  
1005 6419d 02h mauro /shark/trunk/ New handlerset with intdrive  
1004 6419d 06h mauro /shark/trunk/modules/intdrive/ Intdrive reimplementation.  
1003 6444d 11h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ chenge in calculation  
1002 6444d 11h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/include/ add function prototype  
1001 6445d 01h trimarchi /shark/trunk/oslib/kl/ add debug stuff to oslib  
1000 6445d 01h trimarchi /shark/trunk/oslib/ll/i386/ add debug stuff for excpetion  
999 6445d 01h trimarchi /shark/trunk/oslib/kl/ Bug Fix for the last event in oneshot  
998 6445d 02h mauro /shark/trunk/drivers/fb/include/drivers/ Added variable: vga16colors[16].  
997 6448d 02h julio /shark/trunk/ports/first/fsf_include/ *** empty log message ***  
996 6448d 05h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/ change in function  
995 6448d 05h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/fsf_include/docs/ Change in number of supported local scheduler  
994 6448d 05h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/fsf_include/ Comment other structs  
993 6452d 03h lipari /shark/trunk/ports/first/fsf_include/ Partially adjusted for new "Style".
Still to add description of data types and enumerations.
992 6452d 08h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/ add getdeadline function in grubstar and support of cbsnhstar in fsf  
991 6452d 08h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/ change in makefile  
990 6452d 08h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/ Add file for feedback scheduling  
989 6453d 06h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/ change in shared object compare function  
988 6453d 09h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ change the raise width a no activation