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112 7036d 14h giacomo /shark/trunk/ removed -finline-functions removed  
111 7037d 14h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/oldchar/ svga/grx separation  
110 7037d 14h giacomo /shark/trunk/ svga/grx separation  
109 7037d 16h pj /shark/trunk/fs/ added keyboard dependency (needed for soncole i/o  
108 7037d 16h pj /shark/trunk/fs/ removed keyboard dependency!!!  
107 7037d 16h pj /shark/trunk/ - new include structure  
106 7037d 17h pj /shark/trunk/ - new include structure  
105 7037d 17h pj /shark/trunk/drivers/ - new include structure
- drivers/char moved to drivers/oldchar
104 7037d 17h pj /shark/trunk/drivers/parport/include/ include/drivers/parport.h  
103 7037d 17h pj /shark/trunk/drivers/parport/ - new include structure  
102 7041d 12h /shark/tags/rel_0_5/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'rel_0_5'.  
101 7041d 12h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/png/ vsnprintf problem  
100 7041d 13h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/png/ adjustment  
99 7041d 14h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/ makefile modified  
98 7041d 14h giacomo /shark/trunk/config/ PNG and Zlib support  
97 7041d 14h giacomo /shark/trunk/include/ports/ PNGlib and Zlib include files  
96 7041d 14h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/png/ PNG and Zlib added  
95 7042d 12h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/ll/i386/ file system relocation int problem solved (unhandle 118)  
94 7042d 14h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/xlib/ the cmdline is not modified by the agrc argv elaboration  
93 7042d 18h giacomo /shark/trunk/ Comments  

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