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76 7209d 01h giacomo /shark/trunk/include/drivers/ svga pclab header  
75 7209d 01h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/mesa/src/ removing files  
74 7209d 01h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/svga/ new svga-r128 drivers  
73 7209d 01h giacomo /shark/trunk/ new Mesa porting  
72 7209d 02h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/mesa/src/ new Mesa porting  
71 7209d 02h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/mesa/src/ removing files  
70 7209d 02h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/mesa/src/x86/ x86 files  
69 7209d 02h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/mesa/src/ removing files  
68 7209d 02h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/mesa/src/X86/ remove files  
67 7209d 02h giacomo /shark/trunk/config/mk/ The O3 optimization causes a oslib fault - DON'T USE !!  
66 7219d 03h pj /shark/trunk/config/mk/ updated makefiles (for -I$(OSLIB), and dependencies)  
65 7219d 04h pj /shark/trunk/config/ resolved dependency problems with .s  
64 7222d 00h pj /shark/trunk/ updated makefiles to fix the OSLIB variable...  
63 7222d 02h pj /shark/trunk/drivers/linuxc24/ added compatibility for linux 2.4  
62 7222d 02h pj /shark/trunk/include/GL/internal/ - added file  
61 7222d 02h pj /shark/trunk/include/ - qsort, and some name changes  
60 7222d 02h pj /shark/trunk/include/GL/ -mesa 5.0 import part VI  
59 7222d 02h pj /shark/trunk/ports/mesa/src/ - mesa import part V  
58 7222d 02h pj /shark/trunk/ports/mesa/src/tnl_dd/ i- mesa 5.0 import part IV (the revenge)  
57 7222d 02h pj /shark/trunk/ports/mesa/src/ - mesa 5.0 import part III  

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