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1681 4786d 03h fabio /shark/branches/xen/ Redesign the build system.

Switch to a non-recursive easy to configure build system, with a topdir
makefile that collects information on the targets to build from the subdirs
and generates the needed targets and commands. The ports and demos are
still not connected to the build. The new build system is documented
in the main makefile.
1618 4816d 22h fabio /shark/branches/xen/ Started a new xen/ branch.

The plan is to support xen (without HVM) as an execution platform, and,
in the process, to decouple the generic kernel from the OSLib, trying to
make it easier to port Shark to new architectures.
601 6146d 14h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/i2c/ Update  
458 6219d 07h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/i2c/ Update  
425 6245d 07h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/ New CM7323 framegrabber support  
420 6245d 07h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/i2c/ New I2C from linux 2.6.0