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1618 4853d 13h fabio /shark/branches/xen/ Started a new xen/ branch.

The plan is to support xen (without HVM) as an execution platform, and,
in the process, to decouple the generic kernel from the OSLib, trying to
make it easier to port Shark to new architectures.
1060 5280d 00h tullio /shark/trunk/drivers/serial/ Fixed serial library to remove the code deadlock between init and write functions.  
1055 5317d 01h tullio /shark/trunk/drivers/serial/ Fixed COM initialization bug about stop bit setting.  
1035 5497d 23h tullio /shark/trunk/drivers/serial/ Added features to the serial send.
Now keep track of initialized ports.
1007 5813d 20h mauro /shark/trunk/drivers/ New intdrive implementation - gluecode side  
771 6101d 01h giacomo /shark/trunk/ Update  
736 6150d 06h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/serial/ Update  
735 6150d 19h giacomo /shark/trunk/ Update  
732 6154d 20h giacomo /shark/trunk/ Update  
731 6154d 20h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/serial/ Update  
730 6154d 20h giacomo /shark/trunk/ Update  
729 6154d 23h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/serial/ Update  
727 6154d 23h giacomo /shark/trunk/ Update  
721 6155d 22h giacomo /shark/trunk/ Update  
718 6156d 22h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/serial/ Update  
716 6156d 23h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/serial/ update  
715 6156d 23h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/serial/ Update  
714 6157d 00h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/serial/ Update  
538 6220d 19h mauro /shark/trunk/drivers/ update