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1621 4810d 23h fabio /shark/branches/xen/ Move all the low level libc related headers from the OSLib to libc/.

Move the headers used to define the libc interface exported by Shark from
the OSLib to libc/arch/$(ARCH) (remember, by now ARCH can be only x86,) and
change their users to reflect the movement. There are still a couple of
problems to solve, that are how to deal with the libc code used inside the
kernel, and how to handle things that are on the boundary, e.g., some type
definitions and so on. Btw this had to be started from somewhere.
1618 4811d 18h fabio /shark/branches/xen/ Started a new xen/ branch.

The plan is to support xen (without HVM) as an execution platform, and,
in the process, to decouple the generic kernel from the OSLib, trying to
make it easier to port Shark to new architectures.
648 6135d 07h mauro /shark/trunk/oslib/ bugfix  
620 6137d 00h mauro /shark/trunk/ Reboot mode added.  
619 6137d 02h mauro /shark/trunk/oslib/ Safe TSR and APIC timer initialization.  
502 6198d 03h giacomo /shark/trunk/ Update York Tracer  
496 6199d 09h giacomo /shark/trunk/ Update  
353 6289d 01h giacomo /shark/trunk/ New Tracer  
329 6315d 06h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/kl/ 1197 -> 1193182  
305 6326d 22h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/ New __TSC__ __APIC__ compiling options  
304 6328d 08h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/kl/ Update  
303 6329d 01h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/ Update  
301 6329d 03h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/ Update  
299 6329d 08h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/ APIC Support  
265 6355d 06h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/ 1197 -> 1193182  
131 6519d 09h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/ Advanced Timer  
120 6527d 04h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/ Advanced Timer  
40 6603d 09h pj /shark/trunk/oslib/ - imported new OSLib (Jan 30, 2003)  
3 6910d 04h pj /shark/trunk/ This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r2,
which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
2 6910d 04h pj /shark/branches/pj/ 29 March 2002 Snapshot