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1621 4810d 17h fabio /shark/branches/xen/ Move all the low level libc related headers from the OSLib to libc/.

Move the headers used to define the libc interface exported by Shark from
the OSLib to libc/arch/$(ARCH) (remember, by now ARCH can be only x86,) and
change their users to reflect the movement. There are still a couple of
problems to solve, that are how to deal with the libc code used inside the
kernel, and how to handle things that are on the boundary, e.g., some type
definitions and so on. Btw this had to be started from somewhere.
1618 4811d 12h fabio /shark/branches/xen/ Started a new xen/ branch.

The plan is to support xen (without HVM) as an execution platform, and,
in the process, to decouple the generic kernel from the OSLib, trying to
make it easier to port Shark to new architectures.
988 5806d 02h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ change the raise width a no activation  
981 5825d 00h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ change in account  
978 5825d 20h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ change in rmstar for some bug  
867 5968d 22h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ Modify modules for new api support  
821 6017d 04h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ Change preemption test  
818 6017d 22h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ change function name  
813 6018d 02h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ Add function for task  
808 6020d 23h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ Shared Object support first version  
802 6021d 23h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ Update (little detail)  
799 6021d 23h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/first/ Update  
786 6028d 21h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ wcet_miss BUG  
783 6028d 23h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ Update  
394 6255d 19h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ Add bwi support  
388 6259d 16h giacomo /shark/trunk/ Update  
355 6288d 19h giacomo /shark/trunk/ Update  
293 6338d 00h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/first/modules/ Update  
241 6360d 03h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/first/ FSF Update  
235 6373d 03h giacomo /shark/trunk/ports/first/ FIRST Update