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1083 5304d 13h /shark/tags/rel_1_5_4/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'rel_1_5_4'.  
1063 5607d 13h tullio /shark/trunk/ Added missing GPL license disclaimer.  
1042 5818d 11h tullio /shark/trunk/tracer/include/ Introduced the new FTrace_EVT_set_mutex_post value.  
1027 5913d 11h tullio /shark/trunk/tracer/ Removed the dependency from the network for all the applications which do not use the tracer when the kernl is built with the tracer support: now the tracer works with pointer to functions instead of direct calls.

Added the support for the output to disk instead of network output only.

Added the true management for the event filtering. It is now possible to filter families of events.
927 6338d 08h pj /shark/trunk/ removed sys_end, sys_abort, using exit instead
removed sys_abort_shutdown at the end of the shutdown task
907 6370d 13h mauro /shark/trunk/tracer/ bugfix  
781 6475d 15h giacomo /shark/trunk/tracer/include/ Update  
778 6476d 10h giacomo /shark/trunk/tracer/newtrace/ Update  
710 6559d 11h giacomo /shark/trunk/tracer/include/ Update  
637 6580d 07h giacomo /shark/trunk/ Update  
594 6594d 16h giacomo /shark/trunk/tracer/newtrace/ Update  
593 6595d 08h giacomo /shark/trunk/tracer/newtrace/ Update  
563 6605d 15h giacomo /shark/trunk/tracer/newtrace/ Update  
562 6606d 08h giacomo /shark/trunk/tracer/newtrace/ Update  
561 6606d 08h giacomo /shark/trunk/tracer/newtrace/ Update  
560 6606d 08h giacomo /shark/trunk/tracer/include/ Update  
552 6615d 13h giacomo /shark/trunk/tracer/newtrace/ Update  
551 6616d 07h giacomo /shark/trunk/tracer/ Update  
550 6616d 08h giacomo /shark/trunk/tracer/ Update  
534 6624d 11h giacomo /shark/trunk/tracer/ Update  

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