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43 7089d 13h pj /shark/trunk/ports/ - new oslib commit
- p_depend
42 7089d 14h pj /shark/trunk/oslib/ - new oslib commit  
41 7089d 14h pj /shark/trunk/oslib/ - new oslib commit  
40 7089d 14h pj /shark/trunk/oslib/ - imported new OSLib (Jan 30, 2003)  
38 7112d 06h pj /shark/trunk/ - new scheduling module interface
- various fixes
37 7152d 11h lipari /shark/trunk/ A README.TXT file has been added. It explains how to create the
36 7169d 14h pj /shark/trunk/config/hconf/ - removed binary files & unused files  
34 7169d 15h pj /shark/trunk/drivers/ - removed task_delay
- other fixes
33 7169d 15h pj /shark/trunk/fs/ - removed task_delay  
32 7169d 15h pj /shark/trunk/ports/fftw/ removed comment  
31 7169d 15h pj /shark/trunk/ports/mpg123/ we can use the kernel's exit!  
30 7169d 15h pj /shark/trunk/ removed old unused targets  
29 7169d 15h pj /shark/trunk/ - removed task_delay
- integration with IQUEUES
- other fixes
28 7169d 15h pj /shark/trunk/kernel/ These files are no more needed  
27 7169d 15h pj /shark/trunk/kernel/modules/ ...never used!  
26 7169d 15h pj /shark/trunk/kernel/ - removed initfiles (they are no more needed by the examples)  
25 7183d 13h pj /shark/trunk/kernel/modules/ task model arguments are now set by the module and not by the user  
24 7183d 15h pj /shark/trunk/fs/msdos/ modified wrong undef  
23 7183d 15h pj /shark/trunk/config/ added parport entry  
22 7183d 15h pj /shark/trunk/lib/ added readme  

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