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1689 5202d 14h fabio /shark/trunk/ Merge the makefile rewrite.

There are still some edges to round, but the big part of the work
should be done. Now we should be ready to support multiple architectures,
cross-compilation and many other nice features.
1014 6390d 14h pj /shark/trunk/drivers/net/ added support for 3c920B, from a post of rmarau on the shark forum  
984 6456d 06h pj /shark/trunk/drivers/net/ added sem.h, hint by rmarau on the shark forum  
966 6487d 13h pj /shark/trunk/ moved modules  
927 6535d 09h pj /shark/trunk/ removed sys_end, sys_abort, using exit instead
removed sys_abort_shutdown at the end of the shutdown task
636 6777d 08h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/net/ Update  
633 6777d 08h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/ Update  
630 6777d 09h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/net/ Update  
629 6777d 09h giacomo /shark/trunk/drivers/net/ Add new net