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1031 6117d 21h tullio /shark/trunk/ Removed dead code.  
1024 6118d 01h mauro /shark/trunk/include/kernel/ New INTERRUPT task model.  
1017 6124d 20h mauro /shark/trunk/include/sys/ Unused file: removed.  
1005 6420d 20h mauro /shark/trunk/ New handlerset with intdrive  
966 6495d 02h pj /shark/trunk/ moved modules  
965 6495d 02h pj /shark/trunk/ moved comm_message  
926 6542d 22h pj /shark/trunk/include/ removed SA_USEFAST  
925 6542d 22h pj /shark/trunk/include/ added exit and _exit  
924 6542d 22h pj /shark/trunk/include/bits/ changed some error numbers  
923 6542d 22h pj /shark/trunk/include/kernel/ removed sys_end, added exit  
922 6542d 22h pj /shark/trunk/include/kernel/ added some missing global variables  
921 6542d 22h pj /shark/trunk/include/kernel/ changed some comments  
912 6544d 05h pj /shark/trunk/include/kernel/ now endcycle calls task_testcancel  
906 6575d 03h mauro /shark/trunk/include/modules/ Bugfix  
878 6603d 19h trimarchi /shark/trunk/include/kernel/ Add macro to dummy group  
869 6617d 22h trimarchi /shark/trunk/include/modules/ new message from scheduling modules  
808 6670d 00h trimarchi /shark/trunk/ Shared Object support first version  
796 6672d 04h trimarchi /shark/trunk/include/kernel/ Add new semaphore type for First Project  
763 6743d 20h anton /shark/trunk/include/ sleep, usleep  
760 6744d 01h anton /shark/trunk/include/modules/ comments  

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