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131 7103d 10h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/ Advanced Timer  
130 7104d 10h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/kl/ Advanced Timer Code  
127 7105d 04h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/ll/sys/ll/ Advanced Timer  
126 7110d 08h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/kl/ Advanced Timer  
124 7110d 09h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/kl/ Advanced Timer  
122 7111d 02h giacomo /shark/trunk/ Runlevel modified  
121 7111d 02h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/kl/ Advanced Timer  
120 7111d 05h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/ Advanced Timer  
116 7133d 06h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/ stupid thing  
113 7133d 06h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/xlib/ DOS_alloc and DOS_free removed  
112 7133d 06h giacomo /shark/trunk/ removed -finline-functions removed  
95 7139d 04h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/ll/i386/ file system relocation int problem solved (unhandle 118)  
94 7139d 06h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/xlib/ the cmdline is not modified by the agrc argv elaboration  
93 7139d 10h giacomo /shark/trunk/ Comments  
92 7139d 10h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/ll/i386/ gcc 3.2 warning for string deprecated  
90 7139d 10h giacomo /shark/trunk/ to compile with gcc 3.2  
89 7139d 10h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/mk/ modified  
88 7139d 10h giacomo /shark/trunk/oslib/mk/ to compile with gcc 3.2  
83 7141d 10h pj /shark/trunk/oslib/ - added C++ support - see bug [ 704866 ] C++ support for OSLib
in the oslib project page on sourceforge
46 7186d 05h trimarchi /shark/trunk/oslib/ll/i386/ - modified MIN_TIME to 100  

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