Servo Software Interface

Giacomo Guidi and Mauro Marinoni


The Servo Software Interface is a set of functions designed to easily control the hardware interface SER8 and SER16. Look at Servo Interface page for circuit details.

S.Ha.R.K. Directories and Options

Compiling Options

Edit shark/ports/servo/servo.c

Functions Description

int servo_open(int PORT,int SPEED)

int servo_close(int PORT)

int servo_set_RS232_baudrate(int PORT, int BAUD)

int servo_get_RS232_baudrate(int PORT)

int servo_store_RS232_baudrate(int PORT)

int servo_set_period(int PORT, int PERIOD)

int servo_get_period(int PORT)

int servo_store_period(int PORT)

int servo_get_setup_switch(int PORT)

int servo_set_RC5_switch(int PORT, int DATA)

int servo_turn_off(int PORT, int SERVO)

int servo_turn_on(int PORT, int SERVO)

int servo_turn_off_all(int PORT)

int servo_turn_on_all(int PORT)

int servo_set_levels(int PORT, int BANK, int MASK)

int servo_get_levels(int PORT, int BANK)

int servo_store_levels(int PORT)

int servo_set_max_angle(int PORT, int SERVO, int ANGLE_SEC)

int servo_set_min_angle(int PORT, int SERVO, int ANGLE_SEC)

int servo_set_servo_tick(int PORT, int SERVO, int ZERO_TICK, int DELTA_TICK)

int servo_set_angle_sec(int PORT, int SERVO, int ANGLE_SEC)

int servo_get_angle_sec(int PORT, int SERVO)

int servo_store_default_position(int PORT, int SERVO)

int servo_get_analog(int PORT, int AD_PORT)